Unit Heaters

Unit heaters are typically used in areas with high ceilings, and are exposed in the space to be heated. Typical applications include garages, outdoor workshops, small utility areas, and other small spaces requiring heat. Unit heaters offer low installed cost, and are able to heat large volume areas without requiring extensive duct systems.

If you are in need of high quality space heating, call Four Seasons Air Specialists to ensure you get fitted with the right unit for your needs.  Please review the features and benefits of our popular unit heaters below.

Lennox® LF24 Garage Heater

  • 30,000 to 75,000 Btuh capacity for almost any size garage, workshop, or utility area
  • Uses natural or propane gas
  • Up to 80% thermal efficiency
  • Direct spark ignition improves unit operation and efficiency
  • Uniform heat distribution with a tubular heat exchanger and other advanced components
  • Provides warmth for up to a 4+ garage
  • Provides warmth for pets and plants kept in a garage or other small area
  • 10 year limited warranty on heat exchanger and 5 year limited warranty on remaining covered components

Reznor V3 Series UDAP High Efficiency Heater

  • Sizes 30-125 certified for residential heating application
  • Sizes 30-400 certified for commercial/industrial heating application
  • Low profile – easy to install and service
  • 82-83% thermal efficient ~ TOP in its class!
  • 50-60°F rise range
  • NEW T-CORE2 design titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger (patent pending)
  • NEW T-CORE2 design single burner combustion system including a one-piece burner assembly (patent pending)
  • 115/1/60 supply voltage
  • Transformer for 24-volt controls, external terminal strip for 24-volt wiring
  • Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights
  • Multi-try direct spark ignition with 100% lockout
  • Natural or propane single-stage gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 9,000 ft elevation)
  • Vibration/noise isolated fan and venter motors - designed for low noise operation
  • External gas connection
  • Full fan guard ~ engineered for safety