Why You Should Upgrade to the Lennox SLO185V Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

Posted: 2022-03-15

Are you looking for a furnace that provides the most heat? If so, you might want to consider going for an oil furnace. It works the same way a gas-fired unit does, but instead of burning gas, it vaporizes the oil into a fine mist mixed with air. Then, the mixture ignites the burners inside a combustion chamber. In ideal situations, an oil furnace will give you more heat than any other heating system. All you need is an on-site storage tank to keep the oil.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted heating company in Hugo MN. Here’s an oil furnace from Lennox.

Features of the Lennox SLO185V Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

The SLO185V is one of the models in Lennox’s Signature Series.

The SLO185V furnace operates at different speeds to maximize comfort while minimizing sound levels and energy costs. Quality components inside and out assure you of long-lasting performance.

Features of the Lennox SLO185V Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

Energy Efficiency

Compared to conventional, low to mid-efficiency furnaces, the SLO185V can help you save hundreds of dollars each year, thanks to its efficiency rating of up to 87 percent AFUE.

The SLO185V has a heavy-gauge stainless steel heat exchanger that has a durable and solid design that captures waste heat, allowing the furnace to achieve industry-leading efficiency levels. It allows air to glide evenly over its smooth surface for maximum heating efficiency.


This model’s blower motor has a variable-speed control that automatically adjusts according to the room’s temperature, giving you the speed that is best suited to the room’s requirements.

Its variable-speed motor provides a quiet and consistent flow of air for an ideal balance of temperature and humidity throughout your home. A variable-speed furnace does not tend to overwork because it can control its operation to match your heating needs. Since your fan isn’t set at maximum all the time, it uses less power, which results in lower energy bills.

A variable-speed furnace can maintain indoor air temperature with an accuracy that traditional single-speed furnaces can’t match. A conventional furnace pushes a predefined amount of hot air into a room until a certain temperature is met. Then, it shuts off until the temperature decreases again while a variable-speed furnace can effectively circulate enough heated air into a space to keep a specific temperature.

Its variable-speed motor provides a quiet and consistent flow of air for an ideal balance of temperature and humidity throughout your home, giving your home enhanced comfort.

Its innovative combustion chamber is constructed from alumina-silica ceramic fiber, which provides quiet operation and high efficiency.

The SLO185V is built with a Beckett® burner. This means extremely efficient combustion for greater fuel economy throughout the heating season. It also means the burner is unaffected by drafts or poor chimney conditions.

Quiet Operation

Its SilentComfort technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing components to deliver the best in quiet performance. Compared to other competitive models, the SLO185V is up to several times quieter, making your home a lot more relaxing.

The SLO185V’s ultra-low continuous fan speed provides a quiet, constant flow of air and optimizes indoor air quality devices. Operating your fan at a slower speed when the top speed isn’t necessary means a much quiet overall performance. You wouldn’t hear a constant loud noise that accompanies the blower going on when the temperature has dropped. One innovative benefit of variable-speed operation is that it continuously circulates air. This is also beneficial for you in terms of indoor air quality because the air passes through your furnace filter more often, removing more airborne contaminants.

The SLO185V has a fully insulated cabinet with patented noise-reducing construction that further minimizes operating sound to an industry-leading low level.

Its heavy-duty fuel pump—provides quiet, reliable operation with a fast shutoff of oil flow.

This product comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered parts.

The SLO185V can also qualify you for tax credits, which will help recoup some of the initial costs.

Get the Lennox SLO185V from A Premier Dealer

To ensure your brand-new furnace works properly and efficiently, work only with a legitimate dealer, like Four Seasons Air Specialists. Our Forest Lake heating and air conditioning installation experts are factory-trained, giving them in-depth knowledge on all Lennox furnaces. We’ll make sure your system works according to the manufacturer’s specifications.