Why You Should Upgrade to the Lennox SL297NV Variable-Speed, Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace

Posted: 2021-12-14

Furnaces are a revolutionary invention. They allow people to enjoy comfortable temperatures in the midst of piercing climates. But furnaces also contribute to the degradation of the environment, especially gas-fired units, which release NOx.

Nitrogen oxides, also known as NOx, are a family of toxic and reactive greenhouse gases. When the fuel is burned in high heat, it releases NOx, which harms the environment. That is why the Environmental Protection Agency has established regulations to limit the exposure to the main form of nitrogen oxide: NO2. The EPA states that these gases are associated with different problems, including respiratory issues, low water quality, acid rain, ground-level ozone, toxic chemicals, and global warming.

For this reason, you should look into switching to a more environment-friendly way of making your home comfortable.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted heating company in Shoreview MN. We offer one of the best low NOx furnaces in the world: the Lennox SL297V.

Features of the Lennox SL297NV Variable-Speed, Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace

This furnace is ENERGY STAR® qualified. ENERGY STAR products are the same or better than standard products, only they use less energy. To earn the ENERGY STAR label, furnaces must meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the U.S. Department of Energy. Since they use less energy, these products save you money on your electricity bill and help protect the environment by causing fewer harmful emissions from power plants. Also, you get the features and quality you expect.

This product has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2021. Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2021 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

It comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on all remaining covered components.

Every component of the SL297NV has proven itself through extensive testing in our research labs. So you can take comfort knowing the furnace will deliver reliable performance, season after season.

The SL297NV ultra-low NOx gas furnace with its revolutionary design provides reliable comfort while producing 65% lower NOx emissions than standard low NOx furnaces. So, while you’re staying cozy and warm, you’re also helping to protect the environment.

The variable-speed motor maintains a consistent temperature in your home using as little fuel as possible. This helps you stay comfortable and reduces your utility costs.

Its energy rating of up to 97.5% AFUE means the SL297NV can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year, compared to an older furnace.

iComfort® S30 ultra-smart thermostat compatibility adjusts your heating for energy savings based on your family’s routine. This gives the furnace the ability to be controlled via Wi-Fi and an app to adjust the temperature. You can make all the adjustments using a device without having to be physically near the equipment.

The SL297NV's variable-speed blower motor allows for constant and efficient adjustments of airflow speed and gently disperses even heat throughout your home. It also prevents loud blasts of air that can occur when a single-speed system starts up, providing quiet operation for enhanced comfort.

The SL297NV has undergone rigorous testing in our research lab to ensure the highest level of reliability. So, you can relax and enjoy the warmth and trouble-free operation.

This furnace is designed with exclusive SilentComfort™ Technology, which is achieved by utilizing variable-speed technology. In other words, this furnace has a high and low speed. Since the low-speed setting is adequate to meet household-heating demands approximately 80 percent of the time, the furnace is much quieter than a conventional single-stage furnace. Also, the variable-speed motor ramps up gradually, eliminating the sudden "kick" or blast of air upon startup.

Its variable-speed motor provides a quiet and consistent flow of air for an ideal balance of temperature and humidity throughout your home.

Its variable-speed airflow prevents temperature swings and controls humidity levels for a more comfortable environment.

Its low fan speed option efficiently controls humidity levels and provides continuous filtration for cleaner, healthier air.

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