Why You Should Upgrade to the Lennox ELO183 Standard Efficiency Oil Furnace

Posted: 2022-03-22

Spring is only a few weeks away but it still gets pretty chilly in Minnesota. That’s why you still rely on your furnace to stay comfortable at home. But if your existing system fails and is beyond repair, you will need to find a replacement. And in case you have an oil-powered unit, you don’t have to worry because Four Seasons Air Specialists has an array of oil furnaces that are guaranteed to deliver consistent heat. As your trusted heating company in Shoreview MN, we aim to be your first choice in looking for a new furnace.


While gas furnaces are the more popular choice, oil heating systems don’t fall short on benefits. They’re eco-friendly. Since oil is a non-toxic compound, biodegradable, and contains no carcinogens, they are a perfect fit for homeowners who want to minimize their impact on the environment.

Oil furnaces are also safe. Oil is a non-explosive fuel and won’t burn until it’s heated up to 140 degrees, so they are much safer than their gas counterparts.

Another factor to choose an oil furnace is convenience. As long as you have a storage tank within your premises, you can have full control of your oil supply.

Features of the Lennox ELO183 Standard Efficiency Oil Furnace

The ELO183 oil furnace is one of the models in Lennox’s Elite Series.

The smart choice for a comfortable, quiet environment—the EL0183 is built to deliver clean, quiet performance. That means you can enjoy peace of mind—in perfect peace and quiet.

A perfect fit for your home—the streamlined design of the ELO183 allows it to fit easily in almost any closet, crawlspace, or basement. This gives you plenty of room for add-on air conditioning or just more living space.

Simple, durable design that's easy to maintain—high-quality components reliably deliver heat to every room, with little maintenance required.

The ELO183 residential oil furnace delivers clean, quiet, and comfortable home heating. Stay warm for less with this efficient furnace that is designed to deliver lasting value and energy savings, which is important, especially during the coldest months of winter.

Its high-quality components efficiently deliver heat to every room, with little maintenance required.

Energy Efficiency

Efficient heat when winter is at its worst—an efficiency rating of 83% AFUE means 83 cents of every dollar spent on fuel goes directly toward heating your home. That lets you enjoy energy-efficient comfort, without worrying about how much oil you’re using.

Compared to conventional, low to mid-efficiency furnaces, the ELO183 can help you save hundreds of dollars each year, thanks to its efficiency rating of up to 83 percent AFUE.

The ELO183 has a heavy-gauge stainless steel heat exchanger that has a durable and solid design that captures waste heat, allowing the furnace to achieve industry-leading efficiency levels. It allows air to glide evenly over its smooth surface for maximum heating efficiency.

Lennox backs this furnace with a 5-year Limited Warranty on covered parts and a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger.


Its heavy-duty fuel pump provides quiet, reliable operation with fast shutoff of oil flow.

Its innovative combustion chamber is constructed from alumina-silica ceramic fiber, provides quiet operation and high efficiency.

The ELO183 is built with a Beckett® burner. This means extremely efficient combustion for greater fuel economy throughout the heating season. It also means the burner is unaffected by drafts or poor chimney conditions.

Quiet Operation

The ELO183 has a fully insulated cabinet with patented noise-reducing construction that further minimizes operating sound to an industry-leading low level.

Its insulated blower compartment minimizes operating sounds.

Other Features

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Heat Exchanger—5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components. This product may be eligible for valuable 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty coverage with product registration. It also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger.

Why Work With Four Seasons Air Specialists

For over four decades, we have been helping families establish comfortable homes by providing the best products and outstanding services. With us, you are guaranteed that your brand-new ELO183 will be set up according to Lennox’s specifications. We are your reliable Circle Pines heating and air conditioning installation company serving you since 1974.