Why You Should Consider Winterizing Your HVAC System

Posted: 2020-10-15

The temperatures are now hitting zero, and your first line of defense against the effects of cold weather is your HVAC system. Since the temperatures will only continue to drop, you should take steps to prepare your home for the winter. 

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Winterization is a process of preparing the HVAC system in a home before the weather gets excessively cold. There are several steps included in this process, but the goal is to make sure your heating system provides the level of comfort you need when winter is at its coldest.

Advantages of HVAC Winterization

Having your HVAC system checked by a professional before the winter allows you to manage potential issues. A certified technician can detect minor problems and replace parts as needed. Faulty parts, when ignored, can cause more severe problems. Also, winterization gives you peace of mind, knowing that your system stays in tip-top shape. As a result, you will enjoy lower monthly bills and optimum comfort.

Scheduling professional maintenance is the single most effective way to ensure your furnace or heat pump operates according to the manufacturer's specifications, even when the outside temperatures get sub-zero.

Not only does HVAC winterization help you in terms of equipment maintenance, but it also allows you to clean your surroundings. Since maintaining your outdoor unit involves removing fallen leaves, dirt, and debris, you are enhancing the look of your home while keeping your system from falling apart.

Since your air conditioner will not be in use for several months, winterizing ensures you're taking steps toward preventing future HVAC issues. By keeping water and debris out of the AC unit, you're minimizing the chances of clogging, rust, and damage. Further, covering your cooling system protects it from ice damage and keeps it bundled up from wind and snow. Moreover, disconnecting the AC from the power source allows you to save money on energy in the winter.

Another benefit of HVAC winterization is that it helps prolong your unit's lifespan. While HVAC systems don't last forever, winterizing them does help extend their useful years. Comfort systems are built to endure cold, harsh weather, but some of their parts don't do well in lower temperatures. Winterization ensures your unit stays safe from winter precipitation and that its components are secured. As a result, you will enjoy your HVAC system for years and years to come.

How to Winterize Your System

Unplug your air conditioner.

If your AC remains connected to the power source even if it is not being used, the phantom load effect allows it to draw small amounts of energy. If it stays connected for several months, it will consume a considerable amount of energy. To avoid paying for unnecessary energy costs, unplug your AC unit.

Change the filter regularly.

No matter the season, changing your filters is a good practice. A new filter ensures your HVAC system has enough airflow, which is essential to its best performance. Since the filter gathers dust, dirt, and debris, changing it once every 30 days ensures your HVAC system doesn't collect too many particles, which can hamper the unit's efficiency.

Test the thermostat.

For the most part, the thermostat works as expected, but it can cause significant discomfort in your home if it doesn't function properly. To avoid this problem, test your thermostat before the weather gets excessively cold. Turn your heating system on, and if it takes longer than usual to heat your home, there could be some issues with your thermostat. In such a case, it's best to upgrade to a new one, preferably a programmable unit. If compatibility is not an issue, try investing in a smart thermostat, which can improve your system's efficiency as well as your comfort levels.

Winterize Your HVAC System with Four Seasons Air Specialists

These are simple steps to maintain your comfort system, but if you want to have it winterized, give us a call. We will provide your system a thorough cleaning, inspection of vents and ducts, electrical wiring, controls, condensate drain, burners, and heat exchangers. With us, your furnace or heat pump will be at peak performance. We are your reliable Hugo heating and air conditioning company.