Why You Should Consider Upgrading to the Lennox Signature Series SL297NV Gas Furnace

Posted: 2023-10-17

As winter approaches, preparing for the cold becomes essential. Your furnace becomes the heart of your home during the chilliest months, ensuring you stay warm and protected from freezing temperatures. If your old furnace struggles to maintain comfort, leading to increased energy bills and frequent repairs, it might be time for an upgrade.

Why Opt for the Lennox SL297NV Gas Furnace?

At Four Seasons Air Specialists, we offer the Lennox SL297NV, an ENERGY STAR® qualified furnace. ENERGY STAR products conserve energy, reduce utility costs, and minimize harmful emissions. With a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on other components, this furnace offers peace of mind and reliability.

Key Features

Ultra-Low Emissions: The SL297NV produces 65% lower NOx emissions than standard low NOx furnaces, reducing your environmental impact while keeping your home warm.

Variable-Speed Motor: Maintains consistent temperatures using minimal fuel, ensuring comfort and reducing utility expenses.

High Efficiency: With an energy rating of up to 97.5% AFUE, this furnace can potentially save you hundreds of dollars annually compared to older models.

iComfort® S30 Compatibility: Control your furnace remotely through Wi-Fi and an app, adjusting settings based on your family’s routine for maximum efficiency.

SilentComfort™ Technology: This exclusive feature ensures quiet operation, eliminating sudden bursts of air during startup and maintaining a peaceful home environment.

Variable-Speed Airflow: Prevents temperature fluctuations and controls humidity levels, ensuring consistent comfort throughout your home.

Why Choose Four Seasons Air Specialists?

At Four Seasons Air Specialists, we specialize in installing Lennox furnaces, including the advanced SL297NV model. Our certified North Oaks heating and cooling experts ensure proper setup and adhere to manufacturer specifications, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Prepare for winter with cozy comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind. Contact Four Seasons Air Specialists today to welcome winter with warmth and savings.