Why You Should Consider Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

Posted: 2021-03-25

Your HVAC system cannot perform its task without the help of a thermostat. Though a tiny device, your thermostat plays a significant part in establishing a comfortable home for you and your family. But not all thermostats are built the same; some are smarter and more energy-efficient than others.

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Smart Thermostat 101

A smart thermostat is a device that allows you to switch your HVAC systems on or off remotely through the internet. Its main purpose is to enable your furnace or air conditioner to run in a more efficient manner. It saves your settings whenever you adjust the temperature. It measures your home’s temperature and uses that data to turn your furnace or air conditioner on, depending on the setting.

While a regular thermostat controls the temperature in your home, a smart thermostat can do the same thing, plus more. With the help of modern technologies like Wi-Fi, it lets you easily manage the temperature of your home from almost anywhere — as long as you have your Wi-Fi-enabled device with you.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Your main purpose why you’re getting a smart thermostat in the first place is to remotely control your HVAC system. If you’re deciding on upgrading to a smart thermostat for the first time, one of the main features you should look for is the ability to connect via Wi-Fi. So, select a model that can easily connect to your home network. Once the smart thermostat is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can manage your HVAC system using your smartphone or tablet from practically anywhere in the world.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

A smart thermostat learns your behavior and helps you set schedules that save the most energy. It knows when you are home or away, thanks to third-party apps and geofencing capabilities. The more you use the device, the more it knows about your preferences.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, a home with a smart thermostat can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling costs. This is essential if you want to lower your monthly utilities without compromising your family’s comfort. Since heating and cooling account for about half of your monthly energy bill, using a smart thermostat is a must if you want to save money on energy.

A More Comfortable Home

Not only does a smart thermostat increase your HVAC system’s overall efficiency, but it can also manage your home’s humidity levels and indoor air quality. This ability is helpful, especially if you have children, the elderly, or people with preexisting respiratory conditions in your home. For their safety, you should ensure you have good indoor air quality and a smart thermostat gives you that ability.

Energy Use Tracking

Knowing how much energy you have consumed in a certain period can help you make changes to your heating or cooling settings to lower your costs. And you need accurate information on your home’s energy usage. A smart thermostat provides energy reports on how much energy you are using in a particular period. It also tells you how your energy use has changed over time, and how much this adjustment is going to cost you. As an added feature, these reports are usually bundled with tips on how to effectively set the temperatures to save on your energy usage.

No More Human Error

Because thermostats usually work in stealth mode, it’s quite easy to forget to adjust them when you have to, wasting energy (and money) in the process. With a smart thermostat, that’s a thing of the past! You can relax and allow modern technology to learn your preferences apply changes as needed. Most smart thermostats even discern when you are away and make the necessary adjustment to ensure you’re not throwing away precious energy.

Ask the Smart Thermostats Experts

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