Why You Should Consider Buying the Lennox EL296V Gas Furnace

Posted: 2021-01-05

Dealing with an inefficient furnace, especially during the winter, is a major stressor for many homeowners. Your heating system is supposed to be your first line of defense against the effects of exposure to extremely low temperatures. But if it’s too old and fails to heat your home, you are left with no choice but to look for a replacement.

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Signs You Need a New Furnace

Typically, furnaces require more repairs in the last two years of their life. This is due to aging parts, which oftentimes are hard to find replacements for.  If you notice a rise in the frequency of repairs, investing in a new furnace might be a better choice.

As furnaces go older, they tend to lose their efficiency. They need to run longer to reach your desired temperature. This extended operation uses more energy, resulting in high utility costs.

Older furnaces have a hard time distributing the heated air throughout the home. That is why some rooms are colder than others, so you have to turn up the temperature in those rooms to get your preferred warmth.

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies caused by airborne dust, pollen, mold or viruses, it may indicate that you have poor indoor air quality. Old furnaces fail to moisturize and clean the air to your home, which poses risk for children, the elderly, and those wit preexisting respiratory conditions.

Features of the Lennox EL296V Gas Furnace

The EL296V can adjust its airflow speed, allowing it to gently disperse even heat throughout your home. Variable-speed airflow also prevents blasts of air when the system starts.

While most furnaces are either off or on, the EL296V can create heat at two different levels. This allows it to find a smart balance between energy use and comfortable warmth.

With an efficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE, the EL296V can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

During the summer, the EL296V’s variable-speed motor can increase the efficiency of your outdoor cooling unit. For maximum energy savings year-round, the EL296V can be paired with a Lennox® heat pump in a dual-fuel system.

The EL296V’s two levels of heat allow it to find a smart balance between energy usage and comfortable warmth.

This furnace has an efficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE, which reduces hundreds of dollars on your annual energy costs.

The variable-speed motor on the EL296V can enhance the efficiency of your outdoor cooling unit during summer, helping you save even more on energy bills!

This furnace is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means the unit meets and exceeds US federal guidelines for energy efficiency.

The EL296V can be paired with a Lennox heat pump in an energy-saving dual-fuel system for added efficiency.

The EL296V can automatically adjust its airflow speed, allowing it to gently circulate even heat throughout your home. Variable-speed airflow also prevents blasts of air when the system starts. 

SilentComfort™ technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing insulation to deliver the best in quiet performance.

The EL296V has a fully insulated steel cabinet with patented noise-reducing construction that further minimizes heat loss.

Its iComfort technology allows it to be paired with an iComfort thermostat that enables it to effectively process information and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.

The EL296V’s SureLight ignitor increases reliability and prolongs the unit’s life.

Its Duralok Plus heat exchanger is made of patented ArmorTuf steel that captures waste heat and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger that allows the unit to achieve industry-leading efficiency levels.

This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Heat Exchanger and a 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components. The EL296V may be eligible for valuable 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty coverage with product registration.

Outstanding Home-Heating with Four Seasons Air Specialists

The Lennox EL296V is a high-efficiency furnace that delivers superb heating in the most efficient ways. Get it from a Lennox Premier Dealer like us. We ensure proper installation and top-tier performance from your brand-new furnace. We are your top Circle Pines furnace installation company.