Why You Should Consider a Zoned HVAC System

Posted: 2018-05-24

Central air has been around for decades. Many homeowners fell in love with the benefits it offers such as improved indoor air quality. Centralized units deliver forced air directly to air ducts or vents located in each room. Ambient air is pulled into the unit from each room through return air ducts. This system filters the air that passes through it, eliminating airborne particles like lint, dust, pet dander, pollen, and even allergens.

However, central air is not without flaw. One of the major drawbacks is that over time, these air ducts tend to develop cracks which leak cooled or heated air.

According to ENERGY STAR, there are signs that tell if an HVAC system has inefficient ducts. These include:

  • High summer and winter utility costs
  • Inconsistent heating or cooling
  • Humid rooms that never seem to feel comfortable
  • Ducts that are located in an attic, crawlspace, or the garage
  • Tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system

If these issues sound familiar to you, why not consider HVAC zoning your home?

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Technological advancements in the HVAC industry allow homeowners like you to have improvement in temperature control throughout your home. Dividing your home into specific zones lets you adjust your indoor temperature without having to spend too much on utilities.

If you want total management of your home comfort, you might want to upgrade to an HVAC zoned system. With a zoning system, every area of your home is given an individual thermostat that enables you to set the temperature according to your preferences.

How Zoning Works

An HVAC zoning system is a heating and cooling system that utilizes dampers in the ductwork to manage and redirect air to specific sections of your home. This allows for customized temperature zones throughout the home, improving your comfort and energy-efficiency.

Practical Applications

With a traditional setup, you will always have a room that’s either too hot or too cold. This is a problem since not everyone in the family has the same temperature preference.

Not only does zoning allow you to provide these different needs, you will also notice a significant reduction in your monthly utility costs.

If you have a guest room, an attic, or a basement, you probably don’t regularly occupy these rooms. Why spend on heating or cooling unoccupied rooms when you have the choice to only consume energy in the rooms you actually use?

An HVAC zoned system is perfect if you are building a new home since it will be easy to integrate the system into your building plans. However, if you are adding rooms to an already-ducted home, zoning may require additional work in order to make adjustments to the existing ductwork.

If you have a home with multiple levels, HVAC zoning will make sense. That’s because hot air typically rises, making your upstairs rooms significantly warmer than your downstairs rooms. By zoning, you are given the facility to control the temperature in both your lower and upper level areas.

Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Here are more reasons to switch to an HVAC zoned system:

By properly installing your zoning system, you will have lower monthly energy bills since you will no longer have to waste energy on rooms that are unused.

Most zoning systems utilize programmable and smart thermostats that allow you to take control of your HVAC system without having to be physically near the unit just to make adjustments.

Since your handling unit will only heat or cool the rooms you actually use, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to meet your temperature preferences throughout the home. Only those areas you occupy will receive heated or cooled air. This will substantially extend the life of your HVAC system by reducing its wear and tear.

Need Help? Call the Zoning Gurus

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