Why You Should Buy the Lennox ComfortSense 7500 Touch Screen Smart Thermostat

Posted: 2021-05-18

Wi-Fi technology has made our lives much easier, including in our homes. Gone are the days when you had to endure using a sluggish computer connected to the internet via a cable wire. Now, you can enjoy lightning-fast internet connection wirelessly.

This same technology is also used in smart thermostats, which are intelligent devices that not only control your indoor temperatures, but also learn your daily schedules. While older, programmable thermostats are beginning to lose ENERGY STAR credentials, smart thermostats keep on getting better. Depending on your lifestyle, smart thermostats can make your life easier and significantly reduce your heating bills.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your leading HVAC company in North Oaks MN. We offer an array of smart thermostats designed by Lennox. These devices are packed with features that help you in many ways.

A Friendly Reminder

Before deciding on getting a smart thermostat, you want to make sure the model you’re targeting will work with your air conditioner or furnace. Compatibility with your existing HVAC system is a factor you need consider when buying one. Your manufacturer’s website can be a helpful place from where get this piece of information. Also, you can give us a call and find it out for you.

Energy-Saving Features

A smart thermostat can do more than simply determining your schedules. In fact, it learns your behaviors and will help you set programs that save the most energy. Some units have the ability to log the frequency and nature of your interactions with the thermostat to learn your preferences. Over time, these devices get a better idea of your positions, and they can give you suggestions for optimizing your schedule even more efficiently.

The more you use  a smart thermostat, the more accurate it gets in learning your heating setups. It can also discover how long it takes to cool down a room based on the outside temperature and your home’s cooling patterns. This feature allows you to increase your energy savings while you are away or asleep.

Here’s one of the smart thermostats available at Four Seasons Air Specialists.

Features of the Lennox ComfortSense 7500 Touch Screen Smart Thermostat

Customizable settings for every day of the week allow you to control your heating and cooling around your family’s schedule. And with just one touch, you can put the thermostat into an energy-saving Away Mode. 

When connected to a Lennox®heat pump and Lennox furnace, the ComfortSense®7500 will automatically switch between electric and gas operations to keep you warm, based on whichever is most cost-effective.

Like most thermostats, the ComfortSense® 7500 gives you the option of programming a setback temperature that allows you to save energy when you’re gone for the day. A key difference is that ComfortSense 7500 steps up performance before you step through the door upon your return home.

Energy Reports let you compare your monthly heating and cooling usage. Using this information, you can adjust your settings as needed to reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

The large touchscreen with adjustable brightness makes programming simple. An option for displaying outdoor temperature helps you keep tabs on what’s going on outside.

Its versatile programming options offer custom comfort and energy savings.

Smooth Setback Recovery senses extreme temperature changes and begins the temperature recovery process up to 2 hours before the programmed time.

One-Touch Away Mode overrides your regular programming schedule when you're away and automatically turns down heating or cooling to save energy.

Filter Reminder reminds you when it's time to change the filter.

Customizable Reminders allow you to set a series of service and parts replacement reminders, which display on the home screen.

Auto Changeover decides between heating and cooling operation, depending on indoor temperature.

Dual-Fuel Capability increases the efficiency of dual-fuel heating systems by automatically alternating between gas and electric operation.

Humidity Control

Works with the whole-house humidity-control systems to adjust the home's humidity level

This product comes with a 5-year Limited Warranty.

Call the Smart Thermostat Experts

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