Why You Should Buy a Furnace During the Off-Season

Posted: 2020-03-19

Maybe buying a furnace is the last thing on your mind right now since the seasons are going to change soon. But there are good reasons to replace your furnace now than you might think.

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Every homeowner understands that acquiring a new heating system involves a significant amount of money. If you’re thinking about replacing your old furnace, you’re probably wondering when is the best time to do it. Do furnace prices change during certain parts of the year? Is it cheaper to have a new furnace installed in spring? These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

Replace Your Existing Unit Before it Dies


HVAC systems, including furnaces, are designed to last many years. However, they will exhibit changes in performance during the last two years of their usefulness. Some of the warning signs telling you it’s about time to shop for a new furnace include excessively high heating bills, inconsistent heating, and too loud operational sounds.

While it’s great to ensure your system is properly maintained and is tuned up at least once per year, but a time will come when it becomes less efficient and needs more repairs. Call your preferred heating specialist to check your unit. A qualified HVAC professional can advise whether your furnace needs maintenance, more extensive repairs, or a replacement. As much as possible, do not neglect your system when it shows signs of deterioration.

Preparing in advance gives you enough time to research what particular models to look into, more time to inquire about the latest offers, and get relevant information to guide you in making the right decision.

Better Deals on Units

Just like how you find discounted rates for swimwear during the winter, there’s also a big chance you’ll get better offers for furnaces during the off-season. During this time, HVAC manufacturers are often eager to clear their inventories of last year’s stock because chances are, they are releasing newer models this year. You can expect that the latest models have some advantages over the dated ones, but that doesn’t mean the previous year’s models aren’t packed with features of their own.

Better Deals on Installation Costs

When buying a new furnace, you’re not only spending on the unit itself. Most of the time, you also have to include the cost of installation in your budget. During the coldest months of the year, HVAC companies often hire more people for help and often spend much of their time attending to emergency service calls. This is what causes them to increase their rates.

Buying a furnace during off-season gives you better chances of paying less for installation because HVAC companies are not that busy installing heating systems. Their showrooms are probably filled with unsold units and are desperate to sell. To move their inventory quickly, many HVAC manufacturers will lower the price of the units, causing the contractors to pass the savings along to the customer.

Since technicians have more free time during this time of year, dealers may also offer discounted installation costs. Also, the installer may have more time to answer any questions you may have concerning your new unit and give you an exhaustive demonstration of the system’s features and benefits.

For this reason, you should shop around and look for the best deals. The reduction in price gives you more options. You might be even able to move up to the next model because of the reduced installation costs.

Better Weather

Spring presents much milder weather that is great for installing heating systems. You won’t be running your furnace during installation and it’s fine because it’s not that cold anyway. This season is the best time to buy a furnace because technicians can do their job more easily than when installing a new unit during winter.

Need a New Furnace? Call Four Seasons Air Specialists

The winter is almost up and you’re probably considering delaying your furnace replacement till the start of winter. However, given the factors discussed above, the best time to replace your furnace is during the off-season.

If you need professional advice, be sure to call Four Seasons Air Specialists, your leading Grant furnace installation company.