Why You Must Consider Having a Zoned HVAC System

Posted: 2019-01-24

There are heating issues that seemed impossible to deal with in the past: hot and cold spots, differing temperature preferences, and uncontrollably high heating costs are just some of them. Thankfully, new technologies enable manufacturers to address these issues in the most energy-efficient way, which is HVAC zoning.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted heating company in North Oaks MN that offers zoning systems designed to provide you with greater control over the temperature in every room in your home.


Creating multiple zones throughout your home gives you the ability to adjust the indoor temperatures in specific areas, creating a more comfortable living environment at a much lower operational cost.

HVAC zoning involves the use of multiple thermostats that give you the same control over your heating and cooling systems, similar to your home’s lighting. When your home is HVAC zoned, you can program the temperature depending on the room’s design and your family’s preferences, which a singular thermostat just cannot do.

This system uses dampers in the ductwork to manage and redirect air to specific areas of the home. This allows the creation of personalized temperature zones throughout the home for increased comfort and energy- efficiency.


Customized Room Temperatures

If your family members have different temperature preferences, you’ll love the idea of having your home HVAC-zoned. Since every room has its own thermostat, there is no need to argue over the settings — each room’s temperature can be set according to the occupant’s liking. Imagine how peaceful your home can be without your family fighting over the thermostat!

Smart Thermostat Compatibility

There are zoning systems that utilize smart thermostats and smartphone apps that enable you to have complete control of your HVAC system without the need to physically be near the unit in order to make adjustments.

Smart thermostats take human error out of the equation by learning your schedule and preferences automatically. This increases your system’s energy-efficiency by managing the dropping and raising of your home’s temperature whether you’re in or out.

Certain smart thermostats support email alerts in the event of your home’s temperature changes outside of your pre-arranged setting. If for some reason your thermostat is disconnected from your network, you’ll be notified of that as well.

One of the main reasons for having a smart thermostat is to save energy. Depending on your current lifestyle, a smart thermostat can give you reports on your energy usage and nudge you towards energy-saving settings.

Longer Equipment Life

Your HVAC system no longer needs to work as hard to heat or cool your entire home. Only those areas that are occupied will be heated or cooled. Zoning extends the life of your furnace or air conditioner by reducing its wear and tear — not to mention the significant reduction on your utility and repair costs.

Do You Need It?

Here are some cases in which HVAC zoning can be helpful:

Homes with Lower and Upper Levels

Many homes are designed with multiple levels. The problem is that hot air rises in the home, and as a result, your upstairs rooms are going to be significantly warmer than rooms downstairs. With HVAC zoning, you will have a separate thermostat for each room, giving you greater control over the temperature all throughout your home, whether you are upstairs or downstairs.

Rooms that are Exposed to the Sun

Being contingent on your home's architectural design, your heating and cooling can be greatly influenced by its overall exposure to the sun. When the sun moves, the parts of the house that are exposed to the sun get warmer while the other parts remain cooler. Also, the amount, positioning and size of your windows can affect the temperature throughout your home. A zoned HVAC system gives you the facility to regulate the temperature even in areas that are directly exposed to the sun.

New Construction

New homes are the easiest to HVAC zone since the system can be profiled in the building plans. On the other hand, zoning an existing home may require additional work in order to make adjustments to the existing duct network.

Need Help? Ask the Experts

For more information about HVAC zoning systems, call Four Seasons Air Specialists. Because of our dedication to delivering excellent products and services, we have been selected as a Lennox “Premier Dealer”. This honor is given only to contractors that provide the best in home comfort. We are your reliable White Bear Lake heating and air conditioning contractor for over forty years.