Why Does My Heat Pump Blow Cold Air in Heating Mode?

Posted: 2021-04-29

It’s the middle of spring, but it still gets pretty chilly. Therefore, you still need to run your heat pump to provide you with heated air and remain comfortable at home. But what if your unit releases cold air instead of warm? What could be happening, and what can you do to get your heat back?

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Here are possible reasons why your heat pump blows cold air despite being in heating mode.

It blows slightly cooled air.

Your normal body temperature is anywhere between 85 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When your heat pump blows air that’s a little cooler than what your body feels, you may assume that the unit releases cold air and that something’s wrong with it.

Keep in mind that your heat pump transfers heat from one place to another. If the temperature outside begins to drop by 20 degrees, the heated air coming from your unit might be equivalent to your body temperature or slightly cooler. If you suspect this is the case, measure the temperature inside your house. Repeat this process after a half hour. If the air gets warmer, then the heating system is blowing warm air that is a little cool to you. You can adjust the settings as necessary.

It is defrosting.

Your heat pump may occasionally defrost even when it’s in heating mode. Defrosting happens when your heat pump tries to extract heat from a cold environment. The outside temperature may go lower than the dew point, which results in frost. When this happens, do not be alarmed because there is nothing wrong with the system. Your unit comes with a built-in defrost system that keeps it running effortlessly.

When the system goes to defrost mode, the reversing valve activates and runs the refrigerant backward. So, instead of sucking heat from the outside, it extracts heat from inside the house and moves it outside.

Defrosting protects your heat pump. It keeps the system from operating at maximum power, which can potentially damage your unit. However, if it does not stop defrosting, it is possible that the heat pump is too small for your home or you have a clogged filter. If the filter looks clean, it’s best to consult your preferred HVAC company for advice.

You have duct issues.

Your heat pump moves warm air from the outside, which is circulated throughout your home through the duct network. Therefore, your ducts should be in good working condition to ensure you get the most heat from your unit.

If there is any leak, a crack, or any form of damage anywhere within the ductwork, your heat pump will blow cold air despite being in heating mode.

These tiny openings will draw cold air that blends with warm air,  disabling your unit from providing comfortable temperatures. Serious damages to the ducts can even result in losing warm air completely.

For this reason, you need to regularly maintain your air ducts Keep in mind that the task of tuning up ducts can be quite challenging for an average person.

It requires the right knowledge and tools. It’s best to have a qualified technician inspect your ducts, locate the leaks, and seal them off.

Your heat pump has a problem.

If your unit fails to provide satisfactory heat, or if it blows cold air intermittently, it means the system is not working properly. If the filter is clean, there are no issues with the ducts, or the air intake isn’t blocked, this may be the time to schedule a professional inspection.

Several issues can cause your heat pump to blow cold air, including valve failure, refrigerant issues, compressor failure, and many others. To determine what’s wrong and to apply appropriate solutions, call your trusted HVAC professional.

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