When is the Best Time to Prepare My AC?

Posted: 2020-05-21

Spring is a great season because it offers beautiful sceneries and mild temperatures. But summer is only a few weeks ahead, which means you have to prepare your air conditioner for another busy stretch.

Maintaining your air conditioner is essential to your system’s performance when you need it most. It has filters, coils, and fins that require regular maintenance to perform their tasks as effortlessly as possible.

Should you fail to take care of your unit, expect a continuous decline in its performance while paying more for energy. Now that we got the importance of AC maintenance out of the way, let’s talk about when it should be done.

Spring is the best time to schedule AC tune-up because any issues or stresses caused by the merciless winter can be rectified in a timely manner. The closer the summer gets, the more service calls your preferred HVAC company in Hugo MN will receive.

Four Seasons Air Specialists offers comprehensive AC maintenance, ensuring smooth operation and energy efficiency. Our guys are highly trained, professional AC technicians who understand every air conditioning unit from the inside out.

Why Spring AC Maintenance Makes Sense

In spring, the weather is warm enough to run your cooling system and as mentioned earlier, you have a lot of choices for scheduling service from an HVAC professional.

Some folks believe that summer is ideal for AC preparation but this is not true. The fact that summer is a period when HVAC companies are the busiest, you will have a hard time finding a technician to take care of your cooling system.

So, to avoid the rush and unnecessary stress, be sure to schedule a visit from one of our trained technicians this spring.

Spring AC maintenance ensures you avoid hitting peak temperatures while system tune-up is being performed. You’re guaranteed that even before the season gets unbearably hot, your cooling system is already prepared and can take you through the hot months of summer. This is particularly important if the technician finds any damaged parts needing repair or replacement. If the service call is extended due to a repair job, you won’t be as inconvenient compared to waiting on a hot summer day.

Why Entrust Your AC Maintenance to a Professional

Just like you would want a professional mechanic to take care of your car, you also want no less than an expert to ensure your air conditioner stays in great shape. Sure there are things you can do on your own to help it function as normal as possible, but there are certain parts that require special tools, training, and experience to properly handle.

A professional AC technician will help prevent any problems before they even show signs or symptoms. He will inspect electrical components such as capacitors and wiring. He will also inspect and clean the condenser coil, test all motors, find and seal all leaks, and check static pressure, the thermostat, and ducts.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why you should let a professional handle your AC maintenance is to measure your AC’s refrigerant charge and add the right amount if necessary. This task should be done only by qualified professionals who have the right tools to safely execute the operation.

Another benefit of allowing a trained technician to look after your AC is to identify potential problems before they even cause you troubles. You don’t want to be inconvenienced by a malfunctioning air conditioner in the midst of a sweltering summer day! A trained AC technician understands how AC parts work and if he notices any irregularities, he will give a diagnosis and present preventive measures. You’d appreciate how a professional can save you from distress, particularly if your AC needs a certain part to be replaced. If you have an older system, chances are, some replacement parts may take more time to procure.

Professional AC Maintenance with Four Seasons Air Specialists

To make sure your AC is ready for the summer and your family stays comfortable at home, give us a call. Our AC professionals are duly trained, certified, and experienced to maintain and repair any air conditioner. We are your reliable Forest Lake AC maintenance company.