What to Do When Your AC Gets Frozen

Posted: 2021-07-15

Frozen air conditioner coils. You know it’s not supposed to happen, but it did. It’s pretty easy to spot frozen coils. If the unit runs but does not release cold air, or ice is obvious in the coils, or there is too much condensation in your home, you have freezing coils. Now you probably want to know why it happened and what can you do to fix the problem. If you’re in this scenario, you have come to the right place.

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Reasons for Frozen Coils

Your AC can experience freezing coils at any time of the year, which can cause major discomfort to you and your family. This problem can be caused by several reasons, and the most common is the lack of airflow. An air conditioner needs adequate airflow to run smoothly. If it doesn’t get enough air, the exchange of thermal energy between the air conditioner and the room is compromised. This issue causes most of the cool air to stay around the evaporator coil and fins, creating a drop in temperature within the unit itself. As a result, ice is formed, causing the unit to freeze up.

Low refrigerant level is also another reason for your AC to have frozen coils. The refrigerant is a combination of different heat transfer fluids that runs between the two units of your AC system: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Without the right amount of refrigerant, your AC just could not perform its task. Poor maintenance can cause your coils to leak and release the refrigerant.

Broken or dirty fans can also contribute to this problem. Even if your AC has good airflow, but unless it has a clean, working fan, it can’t do its job properly.

The condensate line drains away excess moisture from your home. Over time, these lines can get blocked, causing the water to collect in one place, and freeze the coils. This is especially the case when the obstruction happens near the evaporator coils.

You may not be aware, but the thermostat can also cause your coils to freeze. Its job is to regularly check the temperature and control the AC’s performance. If the thermostat fails to read the proper temperature, it will fail to tell the AC what exactly needs to be done and will run the unit for too long, wearing out the system. Ignoring this issue can lead to frozen coils.

How to Deal with Frozen AC Coils

Sometimes, troubleshooting steps can be done on your end, without the need for a professional. For example, you can check the filter and ensure it is clean. A clogged air filter restricts airflow and causes the coils to freeze. You can also set the thermostat to FAN mode, which will push the air over the indoor air coil. This will help melt the ice. If your unit has a DEFROST mode, turn it on to allow it to un-freeze the coils.

However, there are times when basic troubleshooting won'to the trick. If you have tried these steps, but the problem remains unsolved, you may need to call a qualified technician to diagnose the cause of the problem and apply the right solutions. If the problem has to do with the refrigerant, the technician will spot the leak, seal it off, and fill your unit with the proper refrigerant charge. Also, in case there are more serious problems, such as a broken fan, the technician can repair or replace any damaged part.

To avoid having frozen coils in the future, consider signing up for a preventive maintenance check. An AC specialist will perform a thorough inspection in your unit, detect any potential issues, and apply appropriate fixes as necessary.

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