Top Reasons to Upgrade to a Zoned HVAC System

Posted: 2020-02-20

Every homeowner wants to provide for the heating and cooling needs of every family member. If you’re using central air, this can be a very challenging task, since not everyone has the same comfort levels. Some want their room to be warmer while others don’t.

While this seemed impossible to achieve in the past, it is very much achievable now — thanks to HVAC zoning, which gives you greater temperature control throughout your home. Creating multiple “zones” within your home means personalized heating and cooling for each room. You can now adjust the indoor temperature in specific areas to establish a more comfortable living environment.

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An HVAC zoning system is a heating and cooling method that uses dampers in the ductwork to control and redirect air to certain parts of the home. This creates customized temperature zones throughout the home for improved comfort and energy-efficiency. This system utilizes a control panel and advanced computer processors to monitor thermostats, the HVAC equipment, and the dampers. This way, you can control the temperature settings depending on the room’s design and your family’s lifestyle patterns, which a single thermostat just cannot pull off.

With HVAC zoning, every room or zone in your home is provided with an individual thermostat to allow everyone in your home to have a customized temperature setting. Imagine how peaceful your home will become when family members no longer have to fight over the thermostat!

Practical Applications

HVAC zoning is applicable in the following scenarios:

New homes are the easiest to HVAC zone since the system can be integrated within the building blueprint. On the other hand, an existing home may require more provisions to make adjustments to the existing duct network.

Also, homes with multiple levels are perfect for HVAC zoning. Since heat naturally rises, the upper rooms are usually warmer than the lower rooms. Zoning can fix this issue by allowing you to control the temperature on both levels. Now your family will be comfortable whether you are upstairs or downstairs.

Areas such as the attic, a guest room, a library or a basement are probably not always occupied. There is no need for you to spend on heating and cooling these rooms like you would pay to heat or cool the commonly occupied such as your bedroom or kitchen. Zoning enables you to divide your home into different sections and have individual thermostats for each room. This way, you no longer have to consume energy to keep those areas at the same temperature as the rest of the house unless you have to.

Depending on your home's architectural design, your heating and cooling can be greatly influenced by its exposure to the sun. When the sun moves, the parts of the house that are exposed to the sun become warmer while the other parts remain cooler. The number, positioning, and size of your windows can also affect the temperature throughout your home.


Better Energy Efficiency

With HVAC zoning, your home is going to be more energy-efficient since you no longer have to consume energy in unoccupied rooms. As a result, you will notice a significant drop pin your fuel and electric bills.

Greater Temperature Control

Zoning allows you to set the thermostat at your desired temperature in each room. As mentioned earlier, this makes your home more peaceful as you can now put an end to your family’s thermostat wars.

Smart Thermostat Compatibility

Another benefit of having an HVAC zoned home is the ability to pair the system with a smart thermostat. This allows you to have absolute control over your home’s temperatures without the need for being physically near the unit. You can change your settings from any place where you are connected to the internet.

Longer Equipment Lifespan

One of the most important benefits of HVAC zoning is extended equipment life. Since the unit no longer needs to work as hard to heat or cool your whole home, the system suffers less from wear and tear. Heated or cooled air will only be delivered to those rooms that actually need it. Extending the life of your HVAC equipment is important because repairs can be very costly, depending on the seriousness of the damage.

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