Tips on How to Reduce Your Home Cooling Costs

Posted: 2018-07-26

According to, air conditioning is a growing source of domestic energy use. As of 2009, 87 percent of American homes have room or central air conditioners installed. Since space cooling has highly concentrated use on the very hottest days of summer, you would want to find out how to at least minimize your unit’s operational costs.

It is quite normal to operate your air conditioner for longer periods of time, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Some even need their cooling systems working round the clock.  Since your AC is working overtime, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a hike in your utility bills. Having said that, there are few, easy steps you can take to lower your cooling costs.

There are simple adjustments and cleaning tasks you can do to ensure your air conditioner works as efficiently as possible, but the best thing you can do for your cooling system is to have it professionally maintained on a regular basis.

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Here are practical ways to keep your cooling bills to a minimum without compromising your family’s comfort.

Keep your air conditioner clean.

Easy steps such as cleaning and dusting off your air conditioner can be beneficial to you and the unit itself. Keeping your system free from dust, dirt, and debris allows it to operate with ease, thus, minimizing its energy consumption. Not only does this help lower your cooling bills, it also aids in cleaning your indoor air.

Manage your filters.

This can be the simplest but most effective way you can do to reduce your cooling bills. Clogged filters block the airflow, which causes your AC to work harder, using more energy in the process. Clean or replace your filters regularly to avoid dust and dirt buildup in your AC system.

Tweak your thermostat.

Many people don’t know that adjusting their thermostat in hot weather can affect their cooling costs. By simply adjusting your thermostat a couple degrees higher can make a huge difference. A study found that each degree a thermostat is set above 75 degrees Fahrenheit could save between 10 and 15 percent in energy. It is recommended setting the temperature at 78 degrees on hot days, and 82 degrees to 85 degrees when you’re away. A programmable thermostat can help you make these adjustments much easier.

Make use of cross ventilation.

If you live in drier or more northern regions, your home should typically cool off at night. Open your windows, especially at night. This is a simple cooling strategy that allows for better air circulation which exchanges cooler outside air with overheated indoor air.

Turn off air conditioning in unused rooms.

You don’t have to waste energy on rooms that are usually unoccupied such as libraries and guest rooms. Especially if your home is HVAC zoned, it is quite easy to save money on cooling costs by simply turning off air conditioning on rooms you’re not using.

Cook outside.

Hot air created by a working stove and oven will circulate throughout the house. Other appliances such as refrigerators and electronic devices generate heat, but the stove is the biggest culprit. Cook outside on the grill or eat chilled dishes to avoid making your air conditioner work like a horse in the dining area.

Beat the heat with plants.

Plants and trees are natural heat absorbers and help provide cool air from their transpiration or water loss from leaves. Planting trees and shrubs, especially on the south and west sides of your house in front of windows, can help create a much cooler indoor environment. They absorb much less sunlight and heat than surfaces such as walls and roof, which diffuse heat after a hot sunny day. Also, having an outdoor air conditioning unit shaded by plants can increase its efficiency by up to 10 percent.

Professional Cooling from Four Seasons Air Specialists

On top of all these simple steps, the single best way to increase your savings is to give your air conditioner a regular professional maintenance. This is where Four Seasons Air Specialists is good at. Not only do we properly install and repair systems, we also are adept at fine-tuning air conditioners, allowing them to operate based on the manufacturer’s specification. This enables your system to run at peak efficiency, lowering your cooling costs.

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