The Benefits of Spring AC Maintenance

Posted: 2022-06-09

Just a few weeks from now, we will be experiencing another change of seasons—summer is going to be here! What comes with this time of year is the need for you to run your air conditioner once again. But since it has been sitting idle for several months, you will need to take some steps to prepare it before officially deploying it for service.

And what better way to prep your AC than having a team of qualified professionals take a good look at it and make sure it’s ready for summer? Thankfully, you can always reach out to Four Seasons Air Specialists, your trusted HVAC company in Woodbury MN.


Keeping your air conditioner in great shape is essential to your system’s performance when you need it most. It has parts that need regular cleaning, including filters, coils, and fins. These components require regular maintenance to perform their tasks as effortlessly as possible.


Spring is the best time to prepare your AC for the hard work it will perform over the summer keeping your family cool and comfy. Professionals recommend maintenance for air conditioners in spring, and in this article, we will explain why.


Better Energy Efficiency


Your AC has an energy efficiency rating called SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating), which is the maximum level of efficiency the system can reach. Spring AC maintenance protects your unit’s efficiency rating and can allow it to keep 95% of its SEER rating through most of its lifetime. Now that’s significant because it allows the system to experience significant decline only in the last one or two years before it needs to be replaced. Without proper maintenance, the system will lose 5 percent of its SEER rating per year, and that will lead to much higher energy bills.

More Convenient Maintenance Scheduling

In spring, the weather is warm enough to run your cooling system and as mentioned earlier, you have a lot of choices for scheduling service from an HVAC professional.

Some homeowners believe that summer is ideal for AC preparation but this is debatable. The fact that summer is a period when HVAC companies are the busiest, you will have a hard time finding a technician to take care of your cooling system. So, to avoid the rush and unnecessary stress, be sure to schedule a visit from one of our trained technicians this spring.

Protection Against Future Breakdowns

Here’s a fact: you don’t want to experience a total system breakdown when temperatures really begin to rise. During your maintenance visit, a trained service technician will take a hard look at every component of your HVAC system and identify any potential problem areas. As such, he will perform the necessary adjustments to avoid the issue from escalating. Therefore, this inspection will help ensure that you don’t suffer a complete system breakdown later on.

Prepare Your AC at the Perfect Time

Spring AC maintenance ensures you avoid hitting peak temperatures while system tune-up is being performed. You’re guaranteed that even before the season gets unbearably hot, your cooling system is already prepared and can take you through the hot months of summer. This is particularly important if the technician finds any damaged parts needing repair or replacement. If the service call is extended due to a repair job, you won’t be as inconvenient compared to waiting on a hot summer day.

Continued Warranty Coverage

While your HVAC system comes with a default warranty, there are certain conditions that you have to meet to keep that warranty intact. In most cases, one of those warranty conditions includes regular maintenance from an authorized HVAC contractor. To protect yourself against the cost of future repairs and replacement parts, schedule a spring maintenance check-up to meet your warranty requirements.

Get Your AC Ready with Four Seasons Air Specialists

Your family deserves to have a comfortable summer. With that in mind, you should consider having your Vadnais Heights heating and cooling maintenance done by a contractor known for delivering top-notch services.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is a reputable HVAC company that has been making families happy by keeping their air conditioners working as they should. With us, you can worry less and enjoy having your moments with family more because your AC will be doing its job effortlessly.