The Benefits of Smart Thermostats in Reducing Your Energy Costs

Posted: 2023-02-16

Basic thermostats have been relied upon by homeowners for decades to keep their homes comfortable by providing a continuous supply of conditioned air. However, their inefficiency results in higher energy bills.

As the cost of fuel and electricity continues to rise, homeowners are searching for ways to decrease their heating and cooling expenses. Proper maintenance of the HVAC system is crucial for improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Additionally, investing in a smart thermostat can provide a range of benefits including increased convenience and energy efficiency.

At Four Seasons Air Specialists, a reputable HVAC company in Dellwood MN, your home comfort is our top priority. We can help you understand the advantages of investing in a smart thermostat and assist you in selecting the right one for your needs.


The primary function of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature within your home. It accomplishes this by gauging the temperature of your home and using that data to start your heating or cooling system based on the settings programmed into the thermostat.

Innovations in technology have expanded the capabilities of thermostats beyond simply controlling HVAC systems. Smart thermostats now come equipped with advanced features such as LED touchscreen displays, Wi-Fi connectivity, self-learning abilities, and integration with smartphones, providing modern conveniences to homeowners.

Different Kinds of Thermostats

Mechanical Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats are the most simple and economical option. They operate through the use of metal bars that expand and contract in response to temperature changes. These thermostats may not be as reliable since they only allow for a single, fixed temperature to be set.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats enable users to automatically adjust their home's temperature based on preset times. This allows for greater energy efficiency by enabling the thermostat to reduce the temperature while the occupants are away and then adjust it to their preferred level upon their return.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are highly advanced devices that learn a household's habits and preferences, and then adjust their programming accordingly. They can connect to Wi-Fi networks and be managed remotely through smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can learn your daily routine and temperature preferences, streamlining the process of conserving energy and managing your home’s temperature.

With a paired smartphone, these devices allow you to remotely check your HVAC system and ensure everything is functioning properly while you're away.

Smart thermostats come equipped with several useful features including maintenance reminders, energy consumption monitoring, and the ability to detect a dirty filter, notifying you when it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Advanced Capabilities of Smart Thermostats

The iComfort S30 model, for example, utilizes GPS in your smartphone to determine when you're leaving and automatically adjust your system for maximum efficiency. When you or a family member returns home, it resets your system to your preferred temperature and schedule.

Another noteworthy feature of the iComfort S30 is its Allergen Defender which monitors air quality and pollen levels in your location based on your ZIP code, and turns on the fan to purify your home's air when outdoor levels are high. Additionally, its "Feels Like" feature creates the temperature you desire, not just the one you set, similar to the "Feels Like" temperature in a weather report, resulting in a comfortable temperature of 72 F when set accordingly.

The Honeywell Lyric T6 Pro WiFi thermostat is equipped with smartphone and tablet connectivity, allowing it to know when you'll be arriving home and ensure that your home is at your desired temperature upon arrival. Its Geofence technology tracks your smartphone's location to determine when you're away and when you return, optimizing your home's temperature settings. With the Lyric app, you can remotely monitor and control your heating from anywhere, anytime, with just your smartphone or tablet. This model is also compatible with the latest smart home technologies such as Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Echo, providing even greater control over your home comfort.

Expert Assistance in Choosing a Smart Thermostat

Although a smart thermostat may require an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, it can help lower your monthly utility bills and significantly improve your home's comfort and convenience.

If you're interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat, the experts at Four Seasons Air Specialists are available to assist you. Since 1974, we have been providing top-notch White Bear Lake heating and air conditioning solutions and the surrounding areas.