The Benefits of a Properly Sized Furnace

Posted: 2019-12-26

As long you invest in the latest, most feature-packed furnace, you are making a wise choice, right? Not really. However, some homeowners have this in mind when buying a new furnace. They fail to consider the important aspects of choosing the right heating system for their home. As a result, they never get the comfort they expected, pay higher utility bills than they should, and ultimately regret making a poor investment.

This doesn’t have to be your experience. With a little diligence and research, you should be on your way to a prudent home comfort acquisition.

When it comes to HVAC systems, including furnaces, bigger or newer is not always the better. If you want to get the most savings and the greatest comfort, you should have a properly sized furnace installed in your home.

This is where Four Seasons Air Specialists can help you. Being in this business for over 40 years, we have gained the knowledge and experience needed to make the right recommendations for every scenario. That’s why we have been the preferred heating company in Hugo MN and our customers keep coming back because we give them no less than the best possible solutions.

Why Consult an HVAC Professional

There are a number of considerations that need to be carefully addressed to choose the right heating system for your home. Failure to examine them can spell disaster, or inconvenience, to say the least.

One of the key factors that need to be determined is the size of the space you want to heat. This will decide how large or how small the system you should buy. The number of people living in the house should also be considered. The number and frequency of ducts should not be ignored either.

The calculations and estimations can only be done properly with the help of someone who specializes in the HVAC industry.

Important Factors to Review

In addition to the things mentioned above, there are other things the technician will consider to properly size the furnace, including:


Not all furnaces are built for all climates and topographies. Your region’s climate has a direct impact on your furnace’s performance, which relates to your comfort levels. You need a powerful system if you live in extremely cold regions. You don’t need it in places where the weather is fair.

Number of Rooms and Levels

A one-level house is easier to heat compared to a house with multiple levels. Since heat naturally rises, the rooms in the upper levels are typically warmer than the ones in the lower levels. If you have two rooms that are of the same size but are on different levels, you need the right furnace to have consistent heating on both levels.

Natural Heat

You may not realize, but the type, size, and position of your windows can affect the amount of radiant heat coming into your home. Also, consider that drafty windows and doors can allow a good amount of heated air to escape outdoors.

The Plus Points of Having the Right-Sized Furnace

Comfort and energy-efficiency are two of the most important benefits of having a properly sized heating system. During this time of year, you probably spend more time indoors, so it is important that you get the most out of your furnace.

A properly sized furnace is able to heat your home much faster and in the most energy-efficient manner. You will notice a significant drop in your utility bills each month. You will also rid yourself of repeated repair jobs because the system works in the best conditions.

Quietness is another reward of having the right furnace. It does not have excessive operational sound because there is no pressure within the system. Therefore, your nights are much more peaceful, inviting a relaxing sleep.

Another reward of having a properly sized furnace is better humidification. Your heating system doesn’t only heat your home, it also affects your home’s moisture level, which is important to avoid the development of mold and its negative effects.

Questions? Ask Four Seasons Air Specialists

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