Simple Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Posted: 2022-12-22

Winter kind of slows things down, especially since most people stay indoors. Thankfully, you have your furnace to keep you comfortable despite freezing outside temperatures. But everybody knows running a furnace involves a significant amount of money in monthly energy bills. Therefore, we wouldn’t blame you if you were looking for ways to minimize your furnace use while staying warm and comfy at home.

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Here are practical suggestions you can consider to keep your heating costs to a minimum without necessarily sacrificing comfort.

Layer up.

Dressing for the weather is the easiest way to protect your body from the effects of extremely low temperatures. Just being wise in picking what to wear is a huge step toward being comfortable without having to crank up the thermostat. Therefore, you should consider dressing up in layers and choosing warm clothes.

To properly clothe yourself for this season, there should be insulation between you and the environment. Layers are effective because they allow you to put on or take off clothing as you see fit.

Synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene are recommended for cold environments. You can use them for your base layer. Synthetics wick moisture away and insulate the body whether you’re dry or wet.  If you have long underwear, be sure to put them on. Try wool and silk for your second layer, which is also great for cold weather. Wool protects better and naturally resists odor. For your outer layer, be sure to wear thick fabrics, especially when the weather goes sub-zero.

Keeping your feet warm will help make your whole body feel warmer. To protect your feet, wear thick socks or slippers, especially if you have cold floors and no carpeting.

Be wise with your curtains.

Being a little bit proactive in managing your curtains can go a long way in terms of keeping your home warm this winter. Some days can get really sunny, so you should take advantage of the sun’s free heat. During the day, especially when the sun is up, open your curtains and let the sunshine in. You will love the natural heat coming from our yellow sun—and don’t forget the dose of vitamin D you can get out of it!

At night, shut your curtains, allowing you to have an added layer of insulation and keep your living space much warmer. While you’re at it, make sure you don’t have any leaks in your windows so that you can keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Also, doing this will help minimize condensation.

Make use of heat-generating appliances.

Heat-generating kitchen appliances can be a bad idea during summer, but they are perfect for winter. Therefore, use an oven or a stove to cook, which will generate heat in your home. Each time you use the oven during the colder months, try to leave it open after baking. Doing so will allow the hot air to escape and add heat to the room. But keep in mind to be careful in doing this, especially if you have children or pets. Also, avoid using the oven as a primary source of heat, especially if it uses natural gas. An oven, though it does create heat, is not engineered to distribute heat throughout your home. Burning natural gas for extended periods can amplify carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Cook warming food and drinks.

Eating a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables can boost your body’s immune system. But if you want to feel warmer, having hot drinks and food like porridge, soups, and stews is not such a bad idea. To lower your energy costs, use a slow cooker, a microwave, or an air fryer, which are more energy-efficient than a regular oven.

Keep your furnace in tip-top shape.

Your heating system is the single most important piece of equipment you rely on for comfort in winter. As such, it should be at peak performance level to make sure it works as effortlessly as possible. With that in mind, have one of our teams of Woodbury furnace repair and maintenance experts take care of your unit.