Simple Tips If Your AC Is Not Working Properly

Posted: 2017-08-29

During the summer, we depend on our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable. We tend to take them for granted, but once in a while, they break down. Sometimes, they give us warning signs so we can be fortunate to have a smaller air conditioning repair bill, rather than having to make a large purchase of a new unit without being able to plan ahead. We are going to discuss some of the warning signs, so you avoid having to make that unexpected purchase or deal with the costs of AC repair in White Bear Lake MN or any surrounding cites.

Low Airflow

There are many varied warning signs your airconditioner system can give when it is struggling to provide cool air. One you may notice is a decline in airflow. An easy fix you can try is to change the air filter. A clogged air filter will reduce the airflow in the home and can also put a strain on the entire AC system. Weak airflow can also be caused by a damaged blower or some other problem that the homeowner cannot detect. If you replace the air filter and the airflow is still diminished, you should call an AC repair technician.

Over time, debris can get stuck in the ductwork of your home. This can result in obstructing the airflow and can present various health risks. Cleaning the air ducts can help restore the airflow and ensure that the air conditioning system is working efficiently.If you find that some rooms in the house are cooler than others, you should have an HVAC technician checkyour ductwork to see if they need cleaning or repair. You may also have a problem with the thermostat or you may need zoning of your HVAC system to ensure better comfort throughout your home.

Lack of Cool Air

There are many possible causes for an air conditioner to not provide cool air. One of the most frequent issues is low refrigerant. If your air conditioning system is low on coolant, it could just need a refill or there may be a leak that needs to be repaired. Another possibility is that your air conditioning system has begun to wear down due to its age or improper maintenance. You could also be one of the unlucky ones where the compressor has failed. This would indicate that you may need to purchase a whole new AC unit.

If your air conditioner won’t turn on at all, it could mean power is not reaching the unit or the signal is getting lost between the AC unit and the thermostat. Either way, it’s time to call the technician. Whenever you are not getting cool air, it is always best to call your local air conditioning contractor, as there are multiple issues that may need to be evaluated.

Strange Noises

If you keep hearing strange noises coming out of your AC unit when the system is running, it means trouble. Today’s central air conditioners should be fairly quiet when performing efficiently and effectively. Grating, knocking, hissing, grinding and squealing are all sounds that should be addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring these signs could lead to an expensive repair or the need to purchase a new cooling system.

A squealing noise can mean the fan belt has slipped out of place. It may also indicate that a metal component of the air conditioner may need lubrication or has broken or been wore down. If you hear a grinding noise, it might mean that the motor’s bearings are broken. In these instances, a technician should be called.

Moisture or Leakage Problems

Moisture or leakage around the air conditioner or inside unit is an indicator of problems. Water pools next to the unit might indicate that the drain tube, which disposes of the air conditioner’s condensation, is either blocked or broken. This should be repaired quickly in order to avoid other problems, such as mold growth. A more serious problem is that the refrigerant could be leaking. This can cause serious health risks to the occupants of the house. A repair technician should be called as soon as possible to check for leaks, repair them if needed, and refill the refrigerant.

What Smells?

Pungent or foul smells from the vents can mean theair conditioning’s wire insulation has burned out. A musty smell is an indicatorthat there is mold inside the unit or the ductwork. This must be taken care of immediately. Call an experienced HVAC technician to conduct a thorough AC inspection.

Call an Experienced HVAC Contractor

The above are just a few of the signs to be aware of when you own acentral sir conditioning system. A couple you can fix yourself, such as changing the air filter and checking the thermostat, but for most problems you should call a knowledgeable air conditioning repair company. The right technicianwilldiagnose the problem quickly and fix it correctly so you won’t be without cool air for long. Don’t be afraid to call for a repair. If the problem is caught early, it may save you a lot of time and money. Don’t let small problems become too large – they can cost you much more in the long run if left unattended.

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