Simple DIY Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Posted: 2020-01-02

The temperatures are about to get sub-zero. This is why you should all the more ensure your furnace is in perfect shape. There is nothing more frustrating than having sleepless nights because of an underperforming furnace!

Here at Four Seasons Air Specialists, we aim to help you maintain your furnace’s capacity to heat your home, especially during the coldest nights of winter. We are your reliable heating company in Shoreview MN. If you need assistance or want to ensure your furnace is ready for the season, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

However, there are simple things you can do on your own. Here are some of them:

Be in charge of your filter.

Your filter’s job is to protect the blower fan from all the dust, hair, and other gunk the ducts collect. It also helps improve the quality of your indoor air by keeping contaminants from being circulated throughout your home.

As your furnace filter removes dust, debris, and other airborne particles from your airflow, your furnace begins to stockpile these elements on the filter itself. A congested filter restricts airflow, causing the furnace to work harder to keep your home warm. It is necessary to clean your furnace filters regularly or change them as needed. New filters allow your furnace to function as efficiently as possible, which lowers your heating bills and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Look at the thermostat.

Since they perform their job pretty well most of the time, thermostats are oftentimes overlooked. However, if no one’s home during the day, it is needless to have your furnace running during this time. Operating your furnace when no one is around can waste energy while offering no benefit in return. Therefore, you should set your thermostat to turn on shortly before family members come home and turn it off shortly before they leave.

If your thermostat seems to be faulty, make sure it is set to “HEAT” and it is calibrated at least five degrees above room temperature. This simple step can potentially save you from needing a costly service call.

You can also check the battery compartment and ensure it has fresh batteries. Clean the thermostat and gently blow off any dirt or dust that may have choked it. Most of the time, replacing batteries fixes the most common thermostat issues.

If you have an electronic or programmable thermostat, set the date and time (the system may be on a timer).

Check the flame sensor, pilot light, and gas valve.

The flame sensor’s job is pretty simple: to make sure that whenever the gas valve is open, it actually produces fire. A filthy sensor can cause your furnace to malfunction, so it is important to clean it off at least once per year.

There are times when a furnace fails to work and it’s because of a pilot light or a gas valve issue. It the pilot light has gone out, you need to light it up again. But before doing so, make sure the gas valve is turned off. It may have been turned and left off by accident, causing your heating system to create subpar heat. In addition, before lighting your pilot light again, turn of the gas for about 5-10 minutes to ensure that all fumes have completely evaporated and you can light up the pilot safely.

Clear the furnace’s area.

When your furnace runs, it is very normal for the system to heat up. It has many sensitive components running simultaneously to keep your home warm. To guarantee a hassle-free performance, keep the area around your furnace clean and clear. Make sure that an area of at least a meter around the unit is empty. If items are positioned too close to the unit, they can cause the system to start a fire, so keep flammable materials away from the unit to maintain your home’s safety.

Need Help? Ask Four Seasons Air Specialists

These simple steps can help you understand your furnace a litter better and rid yourself of a potential service call. However, for more complicated issues, be sure to call our HVAC professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of any heating system. We are your dependable Circle Pines furnace repair company serving you for over four decades.