Signs Your Furnace is About to Retire

Posted: 2020-10-22

An aging furnace is a major stress source for any homeowner, especially when the temperatures begin to drop. That's because exposure to low temperatures can present health risks to you and your family.

Cold weather can cause minimal effects, such as dry skin and mucus membranes. Low temperatures usually cause dry air, which sucks the moisture out of your body.

One of the more adverse effects of cold weather includes hypothermia, a condition that occurs when your body temperature drops below 95 degrees. It results from your body losing more heat than it can produce, such as when exposed to cold water.

Cold weather can also increase your risk of a heart attack. When you're exposed to low temperatures, your heart works harder to keep you warm, which increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

These health risks are just some of the reasons why you need to ensure your furnace stays in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, if you have an old furnace and is showing signs of inefficiency, its usefulness may be about to end.

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Here are some of the warning signs telling you to start shopping for a new furnace.

Increasing Energy Costs

Excessively high energy bills are the first indication of a failing furnace. If you notice a steady spike in your heating costs, this could mean you are dealing with an inefficient furnace. Check your utility bills from previous months to see significant differences with your most current statement. Take note of the amount of energy your furnace is consuming and contrast it to the dollar amount variance between bills. If you notice a notable increase in your account without a comparable rise in your usage, this could suggest your heating system is deteriorating.

Subpar Energy Efficiency Rating

It is possible that some homeowners, especially those who have old furnaces, don't even know the efficiency rating of their furnace. In 1992, the government set a minimum efficiency standard of 78 percent. However, the minimum efficiency level was set to 80 percent AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). But even if your unit is rated at 80 percent AFUE, it doesn't necessarily mean your home is energy-efficient. Other factors can influence overall performance, such as weather, quality of maintenance, and usage frequency. If your existing unit has an energy efficiency rating lower than the government's standard, you might want to consider getting a new one.

Persistent Repairs

It's a no-brainer that an oft-malfunctioning furnace is declining. At this point, you must think about the cost-benefit ratio of keeping up with an aging furnace against the purchase of a new, better-performing system. Most HVAC experts discourage continued repairs when the cost is almost half of the unit's current value. You can put that money into a new system instead. With the help of a heating specialist, you can determine whether your existing furnace is repairable or due for a replacement. It would also be best if you considered that finding replacement parts for older furnaces gets more and more challenging as the unit ages.

Excessive Noises

When your furnace begins to produce sounds that are way louder than usual, it could indicate the unit itself has major issues. Several internal problems can cause different kinds of sounds coming from your furnace.

For example, if your heating system is rattling, it could mean that you have a cracked heat exchanger, which is a common cause of carbon monoxide leaks. This is severe, especially if the sound comes before the blower even starts. If you are experiencing this problem, call your preferred HVAC company right away to address the issue. A broken heat exchanger can cause serious health and safety risks and should therefore be attended to immediately.

Trust No Less than the Heating Experts

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