Signs of a Failing Furnace

Posted: 2018-12-06

On a cold night, having a failing furnace is easily one of the most frustrating experiences any homeowner can face. In fact, no one should expect a comfortable home without their furnace working as it should.

On the bright side, furnaces do have warning signs when they are about to retire. These indications will help you make a decision when it’s time to get a new heating system.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is a licensed heating company in Lino Lakes MN that offers a professional approach toward finding out whether your furnace is indeed due for a replacement. We can also help you choose the right furnace type and size to ensure you get the best heating solution for your home. Not only does the right system make you comfortable, but it also ensures your heating costs are kept at a minimum.

Here are some tell tale signs of a deteriorating furnace.

Old Age

A poorly performing furnace can be attributed to its actual age. Older systems tend to lose their efficiency due to wear and tear. While proper maintenance really does help extend the life of a furnace, you still need to prepare for the inevitable replacement of your unit, especially when it can no longer provide your home’s heating needs. Also, as furnaces get older, replacement parts become harder and harder to find.

High Operational Costs

While high fuel prices can greatly contribute to your overall heating costs, but inefficiency should not be neglected. When a furnace is approaching the end of its life, it has a tendency to work harder in order to keep your home warm and comfortable. As your furnace ages, it experiences a decline in performance, especially if it has not been regularly maintained.

Hot and Cold Spots

If there are areas in your house that are considerably colder than the others, it is possible that your furnace can no longer provide consistent heating throughout your home. In addition, watch out for ice forming on the roof, which could tell you that a ductwork leak is taking place.

Constant Short Cycling

Short cycling is when a furnace turns itself on and off, which means that it’s trying hard to produce a consistent temperature in your home. Most of the time, this cycling is caused by one or more mechanical problems. Faulty switches, overworked blower fans, and poor fuel mixes in the unit are just some of the things that can cause a furnace to turn itself on and off. This issue ultimately leads to costly repairs or if the problem is too severe, a replacement.

Repeated Sickness in the Family

When a furnace gets old and is pushing its lifespan, certain parts start to crack that leak dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. Exposure to this toxic gas may lead to health issues like headaches, nausea, and flu-like symptoms. In spite of the fact that opening windows to air out the house can help, a more potent solution is to have a professional technician check your system and see if your furnace needs a repair or a replacement.

Unusually Loud Noises

Making some kind of noise while a furnace is running is quite normal. However, loud, strange noises are a clear sign that there is something wrong with the system.  These sounds tell you that there are problems in certain parts of your furnace. For instance, if you hear popping sounds, it may be because of a delayed rough ignition due to filthy burners or a loose or dirty filter getting pulled against its frame, or a loose blower door. If you hear a banging noise, it may be due to unsecured ductwork, loose screws or sheet metal. It may also mean the blower motor is improperly balanced.

Whatever strange noise you may hear while your furnace is running, it is not recommended that you should try and fix it yourself, especially if you are not trained in dealing with faulty heating systems. The safest way is to have a technician check your furnace to determine if it needs replacing.

Professional Heating Advice from Four Seasons Air Specialists

These warning signs should guide you in reaching a decision to get a furnace replacement. But if you need more information, call Four Seasons Air Specialists, your dependable Lino Lakes furnace installation contractor serving you since 1974.