Reasons You Should Upgrade to the Lennox SLO185V Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

Posted: 2023-05-02

As a furnace approaches the end of its lifespan, it may work harder to maintain the heating needs of a home, resulting in decreased efficiency, particularly if it hasn't been regularly maintained by a professional. A malfunctioning furnace can cause significant inconvenience to you and your loved ones.

If anyone in your household has allergies triggered by airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, pollen, mold, or viruses, it may be an indication of poor indoor air quality. Old furnaces are unable to purify and humidify the air, which not only exacerbates allergies but also affects other organs such as the nose, throat, and lungs.

Furthermore, older furnaces may develop cracks in the heat exchanger, leading to the release of carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal gas. Experts advise having operational carbon monoxide detectors in your home. If there has been a carbon monoxide leak, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, nausea, confusion, skin and eye irritation, and other signs of illness. While opening windows can ventilate your home, it is crucial to call a heating technician immediately to repair the leaks and address any necessary repairs.

Additionally, if you've observed a gradual increase in heating bills and frequent furnace repairs, it may be time to consider purchasing a new furnace.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is a trusted heating company in White Bear Lake MN that offers high-quality furnaces for residential homes in collaboration with Lennox Industries. The Signature Series from Lennox includes the SLO185V, a furnace that operates at variable speeds, providing maximum comfort with minimal noise and energy consumption. With its superior components, this furnace assures reliable performance for an extended period.

Product Features

Energy Efficiency

The SLP98V has an impressive efficiency rating of up to 97 percent AFUE, which can save you hundreds of dollars every year compared to conventional low-to-mid efficiency furnaces.

The SLO185V features a durable, heavy-gauge stainless steel heat exchanger with a sturdy design that captures waste heat, resulting in industry-leading efficiency levels. The furnace's smooth surface enables air to flow evenly, maximizing heating efficiency.

Product Performance

The blower motor of this model features variable-speed control, automatically adjusting to the room's temperature for optimal performance.

With its variable-speed motor, this furnace delivers consistent and quiet airflow, maintaining an ideal balance of temperature and humidity throughout your home.

The SLO185V has an innovative combustion chamber crafted from alumina-silica ceramic fiber, resulting in quiet operation and high efficiency.

The furnace is equipped with a Beckett® burner, ensuring efficient combustion and greater fuel economy throughout the heating season, regardless of drafts or poor chimney conditions.

Product Features - Quiet Operation

The SLO185V incorporates SilentComfort technology, combining advanced engineering with noise-absorbing components to provide the ultimate in quiet performance. This furnace is significantly quieter than other comparable models, contributing to a more peaceful home environment.

Furthermore, the SLO185V has a fully insulated cabinet with patented noise-reducing construction that reduces operating sound to an industry-leading low level. Its heavy-duty fuel pump provides quiet and dependable operation, with swift oil flow shutdown.

Reasons to Choose Four Seasons Air Specialists

For this product to provide optimal performance, proper installation is critical. Four Seasons Air Specialists is a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer that employs factory-trained and certified technicians to ensure that all installations comply with the manufacturer's guidelines. Proper installation results in increased comfort and decreased heating bills.

If you have any questions about this product or other HVAC equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be thrilled to assist you with your Dellwood heating and cooling needs particularly furnace installation.