Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the Lennox ComfortSense 5500 Touch Screen Smart Thermostat

Posted: 2022-11-01

Most American homes have heating and cooling systems. Given how important your HVAC systems are in keeping you and your family comfortable all year round, you would want them to run as efficiently as possible. For that to happen, every part of your system should be working great. One of those parts is the thermostat, which functions as the communicator to your systems. However when it becomes faulty, your HVAC system will not work as you would want them, leaving you uncomfortable and frustrated.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your reliable HVAC company in Grant MN. We provide total solutions to your home comfort needs. In partnership with Lennox, we have a full line of accurate, feature-packed thermostats that are guaranteed to help your home get precise temperature readings.

Signs of a Failing Thermostat

One of the telltale signs your thermostat is about to retire is when your HVAC system keeps turning on or off. For the most part, this problem has to do with the wiring inside your thermostat, which probably has become damaged or frayed.

Another sign telling you that you need to look for a new thermostat is when it starts to make faulty temperature readings. It could be that the sensor is malfunctioning, which likely is the result of old age or a major defect.

Also, when you notice your energy bills being suspiciously high, the thermostat can be the culprit. When it fails to correctly read the temperature, it will tell your HVAC unit to work more than it has to. As you would expect, an overworked HVAC system uses more energy, generating a higher bill by the end of the month.

Moreover, when your thermostat fails to respond to your desired temperature settings, it’s telling you to start looking for a new one. Usually, you’ll hear a small clicking sound each time you make the changes, and your furnace or air conditioner should immediately start. However, if the system doesn’t come on instantaneously, then it’s probably an issue with your thermostat.

Here’s a thermostat that’s worth your consideration.

Features of the Lennox ComfortSense 5500 Touch Screen Smart Thermostat

Customizable settings for every day of the week allow you to control your heating and cooling around your family’s schedule. So you stay comfortable and energy smart.

Like most thermostats, the ComfortSense® 5500 gives you the option of programming a setback temperature that allows you to save energy when you’re gone for the day. A key difference is that ComfortSense 5500 steps up performance before you step through the door upon your return home.

One-Touch Away Mode makes it easy to take control of your energy costs. It reduces system operation with just a touch when you leave the house.

Energy Reports let you compare your monthly heating and cooling usage. Using this information, you can adjust your settings as needed to reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

A glossy bezel and bright, full-color touchscreen blend with any décor, while the adjustable, bright, backlit color touchscreen makes programming and operation simple.

The ComfortSense 5500 works with most HVAC system types.

Its versatile programming options offer custom comfort and energy savings.

Its Smooth Setback Recovery feature senses extreme temperature changes and begins the temperature recovery process up to 2 hours before the programmed time.

The ComfortSense 5500's One-Touch Away Mode overrides your regular programming schedule when you're away and automatically turns down heating or cooling to save energy.

Its Filter Reminder reminds you when it's time to change the filter.

Its Customizable Reminders allow you to set a series of service and parts replacement reminders which display on the home screen.

Auto Changeover decides between heating and cooling operation, depending on indoor temperature.

The ComfortSense 5500 features a large, easy-to-use display with adjustable brightness.

This product comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Questions? Ask Four Seasons Air Specialists

If you are looking for a new thermostat, it’s best to talk to a Mahtomedi heating and air conditioning expert. Our technicians can identify the right unit for your system, making sure it is compatible and has all the features you want in a thermostat.