Reasons Why a Whole Home Humidifier is a Must-Have

Posted: 2023-03-02

Typically, individuals discuss their furnaces or air conditioning units when discussing home comfort and seldom mention humidifiers. However, humidity is crucial for human health, and maintaining a balanced humidity level is necessary for comfort. In colder weather, humidity levels decrease, leading to adverse effects on both health and the home environment.

Dry air is commonly drawn into homes from items such as wooden floors, furniture, musical instruments, and other wooden materials, resulting in cooler-feeling air compared to humidified air. Therefore, to achieve your desired comfort level, the thermostat needs to be adjusted to a higher temperature.

To ensure that your home maintains an appropriate level of humidity, it may be beneficial to install a whole-home humidifier. Four Seasons Air Specialists, a prominent HVAC company in Grant MN, offers a wide range of whole-home humidifiers manufactured by some of the industry's most reputable companies.

Humidity is defined as the amount of water vapor in the air, affecting numerous aspects of our daily lives, including breathing patterns, skin, eyes, sleep, hair, and electronic devices.

Maintaining balanced humidity levels is critical for good health, as both excessive and insufficient humidity can cause severe health problems.

Low humidity, in particular, is linked to health issues such as eye and skin irritation, inflammation of the respiratory tract's mucous membrane, and an increased risk of respiratory infections caused by viruses thriving in low humidity.

Furthermore, low humidity can cause tears to evaporate, leading to dry eyes and disturbing the natural moisture balance required for optimal eye function. Similarly, during cold weather, low humidity can cause dry, itchy skin, also known as winter itch, as insufficient skin moisture is present.

Besides health, low humidity can cause various impacts on household items, including hardwood floors, artwork, books, and wooden furniture. Inadequate humidity can cause these items to lose moisture, shrink, and ultimately crack, leading to damage.

It's worth noting that low humidity is typically associated with winter, but it can also occur in dry environments or during the summer due to excessive air conditioning.

A humidifier is a tool that can add moisture to either a specific room or an entire house. When used appropriately, a humidifier can be highly effective in addressing dryness in the skin, nose, throat, and lips. It can also alleviate some of the symptoms of the flu or a common cold.

Installing a humidifier in your home offers numerous advantages.

Moisturized air can impede the travel of viruses and bacteria. By maintaining balanced moisture levels throughout your home, you can decrease the risk of catching airborne illnesses such as flu, colds, and other respiratory ailments.

Moreover, if someone in your family suffers from allergies, a humidifier with an anti-microbial filter can help reduce allergy symptoms.

Using a whole home humidifier can also save you money during the day and at night by running your humidifier while setting your thermostat at a lower temperature. The energy consumption of a humidifier is much less compared to your furnace.

If you are contemplating installing a whole home humidifier, the professionals at Four Seasons Air Specialists can provide assistance. We have close collaborations with some of the industry's finest brands, ensuring that you receive modern, innovative, and efficient methods to enhance your home comfort.

With us, you can rest assured of exceptional workmanship and customer service. Since 1974, we have been the go-to Mahtomedi heating and air conditioning contractor, striving to earn our customers' trust.