Practical Ways to Save on Your Energy Costs

Posted: 2018-06-14

Lowering your monthly energy bills doesn’t always mean spending money on brand new eco-friendly appliances. With just a few simple tricks and little adjustments to the way you use your home comfort systems, you will begin to see your energy bills drop each month.

For best results, call a trusted HVAC company in Shoreview MN like Four Seasons Air Specialists to help you tune-up your air conditioner this summer. This step alone can ensure your cooling system will operate at optimum performance.

Here are a few practical ways to save on your home utility bills.


Your air conditioner’s filter not only cleans the air that circulates in your home, it also keeps dust, dirt, and debris from entering the internal components of your cooling system. If your air conditioner is filled with particles, it can cause your system to work double time to get cool air through your home. This leads to inefficient cooling and the temperature in your home can become inconsistent and uncomfortable.

Changing your filters on a regular basis allows your air conditioner to work effortlessly and consumes less energy. Using clean filters allows you to save as much as 5 percent to 15 percent on your energy consumption, based on a report by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Air Vents

If you have central air conditioning in your home, inspect the vents. If you notice some vents are closed, open them all up. This enables your air conditioner to easily keep your home cool while getting rid of air contaminants.


Check your outdoor temperature and set your thermostat only a few degrees lower. The smaller the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower your utility bill will be.

When you’re away, set your thermostat to a warmer temperature, and lower it to 78 degrees Fahrenheit only when you’re at home and need cooling. This can be easily achieved with the help of a programmable thermostat.

Setting your thermostat lower than normal when turning on your conditioner doesn’t actually do you any favor. It will not cool your home any faster and can cause your electric bill to rise up unnecessarily.


To increase your home’s cooling efficiency, make use of ceiling fans. These are considered the most effective type of fans because they effectively circulate air in a room. According to the to Department of Energy, using a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4 degrees without compromising comfort. If you live in a region with a mild climate, ceiling fans may even allow you to avoid operating your air conditioner altogether.

Remember that ceiling fans are only appropriate in rooms with ceilings at least eight feet in height. When purchasing ceiling fans, look for the ENERGY STAR label. On average, these fans move air 20 percent more efficiently compared to standard models.

Heat-Generating Appliances

Position your thermostat away from TV sets or lamps. That is because thermostats can sense heat from these appliances, which can cause your cooling system to run longer than necessary.

When the heat is at its peak, avoid operating the oven; use the stove or grill outside instead. If possible, do not use the washer, dryer, and dishwasher during the heat of the day.

Also, use energy-efficient lighting that runs cooler. If possible, avoid using incandescent bulbs as they consume more energy compared to LED lamps.

Natural Ventilation

Whenever possible and depending on their position to the wind, leave your windows open. The wind will naturally ventilate your home. This process relies on the wind and the “chimney effect” to keep your home cool. This type of ventilation is appropriate for climates with cool nights and regular breezes.

Air Conditioner Annual Maintenance

Your cooling system plays an important part in keeping your family comfortable during the hottest days of summer. Just like any other piece of equipment, the best way to maintain its efficiency is to have a professional take care of it. The annual maintenance of your air conditioner will offer you a number of benefits that include increased energy-efficiency, better indoor air quality, greater comfort, and longer air conditioner lifespan.

Ask the Cooling Pros

If you have any questions about properly cooling your home, call our experts at Four Seasons Air Specialists. We will work with you to ensure your air conditioner operates at its best, guaranteeing lower energy consumption.

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