Practical Tips to Follow Before Calling a Furnace Repair Contractor

Posted: 2017-11-16

Have you been in a situation where winter season is at its peak and all of a sudden your furnace stops working leaving your house freezing cold? What do you do if your heating system breaks or simply doesn’t provide enough heat to keep you warm and comfortable in your frosty Minnesota home? Here are a few quick, do-it-yourself tips to check out before deciding on calling a heating company in Hugo MN.

Check the Thermostat

This may sound funny, but many people call their furnace repair provider wondering why the furnace is turned on and yet, it still is not working. The first thing you need to do is check if the thermostat is set to HEAT. Bear in mind that it usually takes about one minute for the fan to turn on and the heat to kick in. If it hasn’t turned on for a while, set it to a high temperature, like 80 or 90 degrees. This will ensure it wouldn’t keep turning on and off while troubleshooting.

If your furnace is switching on and off frequently, there might be a setting error in the thermostat. Check your owner’s manual to verify proper adjustment procedures.

Also, check the thermostat batteries and replace them, if necessary.

Check the Heat Registers

Inspect each room in the house, ensure they are open and remove any object that may be blocking the heat registers from dispersing air properly.

You can close registers to save on utility costs for rooms that are unused. However, do not close too many registers because this may cause high resistance and unnecessary heat build-up in the furnace.

Check the Filters

Checking and changing the air filter is among the most common of furnace issues, primarily because homeowners often forget about it.


A filter’s main function is to clean the air that goes into the furnace and heated air that goes into the house. If there are blockages, airflow is compromised, which leads to pressure. This then causes inadequate heating, and if ignored, can cause many other issues that may require professional attention.

Clean the filter of any accumulated dirt and debris. If it seems it cannot be fully cleaned or is damaged, buy a replacement. Make it a habit to inspect your filters monthly, this alone can help you ensure that your furnace is always in tip-top shape. Depending on how dirty the air is, you need to change your furnace filters every 1-2 months; some high quality filters may need replacement less frequently but much depends on your home environment. Take note of the date of installation on your replacement filters so you know exactly when they should be replaced.


Check the Power

If your furnace runs on electricity, check the thermostat’s fan switch. It usually indicates “ON” or “AUTO”. The AUTO setting tells you that the fan will start as soon as the furnace is turned on. Try turning the switch to ON. If the fan turns on, then you can rule out any other issues related to power.

If you have a gas-powered heating system, make sure that the gas is on. Inspect the pilot light and observe its color. If it’s light or solid blue, you’re good to go. However, if it is a yellow flame, you need to call an experienced heating company because the yellow flame suggests that the burners are dirty and need cleaning; or something might be obstructing the combusting air chamber or direct-venting intake. A yellow flame is also a sign that toxic fumes may be entering your home.



When the motor gets overloaded, it stops working and needs to be reset. First, let it cool down then look for a reset button near the motor’s housing. Press it to reset the motor.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is making loud noises, you need to deal with this issue immediately. It could be a minor problem, like a loose component or it could mean something more serious that would require professional furnace repair services. If you’re hearing grinding or howling noises, turn the furnace off and call your local HVAC company.

Call the Heating & Furnace Repair Pros

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