Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner Product Highlight

Posted: 2018-06-05

Summer is almost here, and everyone is preparing to beat the heat. Our goal here at Four Seasons Air Specialists is to make your home completely comfortable in the most energy-efficient way.

For this reason, we partnered with world-class manufacturers such as Lennox Industries to give the best comfort solutions for your home. We are the trusted HVAC company in Hugo MN, offering a wide variety of Lennox-branded air conditioners.

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is typically between 10-15 years, depending on usage and quality of maintenance. If your existing cooling system is around that age, you should consider replacing your old unit with a new one.

While it’s true that a new air conditioner involves a higher upfront cost, but the upside is that the new unit will be far more efficient, lowering your heating bills while keeping you and your family more comfortable during the hottest days of summer.

Benefits of Getting a New Air Conditioner

Air conditioners had a tremendous leap in terms of benefits, and one of them is a significant improvement in energy efficiency. Compared to old units, new air conditioners have a minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 15.00. That means hundreds of dollars of monthly savings for you.

One of the issues of older AC models is their operational sound. They’re a little loud when running. Newer models utilize better technologies that minimize the sound created by air conditioners while working. There are some higher-end models such as the Lennox XC25 that reduces operational sound by as much as 50 percent.

In addition to better energy efficiency and quieter operation, new air conditioners are doing a better job in keeping your indoor air clean. Some of the latest models offer indoor air quality technology that’s better than ever, offering optimum air purification, humidity control, and even ventilation.

These and other benefits are some of the reasons why getting a new air conditioner will make more sense this summer, especially if you have a dated model.

Features of the Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner

The XC25 is a variable-capacity air conditioner, the most precise and efficient air conditioner you can buy.

Its variable speed motor runs at a wide range of speeds to accurately control cooled air throughout the home. It can make adjustments in tiny increments depending on how much cooling is needed to get the job done. This results in better airflow control. The variable speed motor uses less electricity than standard motors, which leads to significantly lower electricity bills. The variable speed motor allows you to customize your comfort in different areas of your home. The XC25 has a 10-year limited warranty on covered components, including the compressor.

The XC25 has been designated as one of the most efficient ENERGY STAR® certified products of 2018. Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2018 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

 It offers a SEER efficiency rating of up to 26, which means you save hundreds of dollars a year in utility bills. This variable-capacity air conditioner allows you to set the temperature and consistently keep it in that setting. To take advantage of solar energy, the XC25 can be combined with the SunSource® Home Energy System.

The XC25 is the finest air conditioner that Lennox designed and one of the main components of the Ultimate Comfort System™. This system adapts to your needs and area. Three settings, “Dry”, “Moderate” or “Humid” allow the air conditioner to adjust the airspeed to either increase or decrease dehumidification as needed.

The XC25 is compatible with the entire line of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection equipment, providing you with the ultimate in comfort. This includes the iHarmony® zoning, which lets you redirect the airflow in your home. Rarely used areas of your home can be designated to receive less cooling than more utilized areas, saving you energy consumption and lowering your electric bills. 

The XC25 has SilentComfort™ technology which means sound levels are low enough that you can barely tell it is operating. It is 50 percent quieter than a standard air conditioner.

Get the Best in HVAC Solutions from Four Seasons Air Specialists

We understand that your family’s comfort is of utmost importance to you. That is why we highly recommend the Lennox XC25 for your home. This is a high-efficiency device that requires professional installation. Improperly installing this system will only downgrade the unit to a mediocre air conditioner.

Our technicians are seasoned and specially trained by manufacturers to ensure every system we install is properly set up.

Allow us to provide your Hugo heating and air conditioning needs.