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How to Stay Away from Costly HVAC Repairs this Spring

Posted: 2020-04-30

Compared to your car, your HVAC system works far more extensively and should be taken care of as much. While the temperatures are still rather low these days, it won’t hurt if you take some to give your HVAC system some tender loving care. The truth is, when your equipment is running smoothly, you pay little attention to it. But when it’s acting up, it won’t be of benefit to you.

For this reason, you should consider performing simple maintenance tasks to ensure your HVAC system stays in great shape.

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Here are easy tips to follow to dodge costly HVAC repairs.

Monitor your system.

The sounds produced by your HVAC system tell you about its condition. If you hear rattling, popping, grinding, and other similar noises, it means there is something wrong with the system.

Also, if you notice inconsistent heating in your home, weak airflow, thermostat issues, troubleshooting steps must be taken. The sooner you address the issue, the less the damage and the less it will cost to repair it.

Pay attention to your thermostat.

Your HVAC system relies on the thermostat to do what it’s supposed to do. It the thermostat is not working properly, you can expect to experience comfort issues at home. So, make sure the thermostat has fresh batteries installed and update the setting based on the changing season. Also, if you still have an analog thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable or a smart one. This alone can help you lower your heating and cooling costs by as much as 10 percent. This device allows you to adjust the temperature overnight or when everybody is out.

Be in charge of your filters regularly.

Your HVAC systems are equipped with filters, which protect the indoor unit from all the dust, hair, and other foreign matter from getting into the system. It also helps improve the quality of your indoor air by avoiding the circulation of airborne contaminants.

When filters get clogged, they block the airflow to the system, causing it to work harder than usual. Failure to maintain your filters will lead to unnecessary stress on the system, higher energy costs, and the premature failure of the unit itself.

Therefore, you should clean your filters at least once per month or replace them as needed. Check your user’s guide to know if you have a disposable or a reusable filter. Clean filters allow your furnace to stay as efficient as possible, resulting in clean air, lower energy bills, and lower chances of system failure.

Maintain the outdoor unit.

Even if you maintain your HVAC system’s indoor unit regularly, if you fail to take care of the outdoor unit, you will still have the same issues. So, remember to look after the outdoor unit as well.

Look for dust, dirt, debris, and other things that can affect system operation. With a vacuum cleaner, vacuum away debris, and once you’ve removed as much as possible, rinse with a garden hose. Keep in mind to not damage or bend coils or fins while performing this task.

In addition to getting rid of dirt and debris, clear plants and shrubs away from the unit. Your HVAC system needs enough space to “breathe”, so trim down overgrown greeneries surrounding the unit.

Schedule a Ductwork Check-up

If you have a ducted HVAC system and the duct network hasn’t been inspected for quite a while, contact an HVAC company to perform an inspection and repair as necessary. Over time, your ducts can gather a thick layer of dirt that affects airflow, and lowers your indoor air quality. Failure to maintain your ducts will result in not only an inconvenience but also system damage.

To avoid these potential problems, be sure to have your ducts checked and cleaned.

Preventive HVAC System Maintenance

The most effective way to avoid costly repairs is to have your HVAC system regularly maintained by a qualified HVAC professional, who understands your unit inside and out. If you need help ensuring your HVAC system works perfectly, be sure to call Four Seasons Air Specialists, your leading Lino Lakes heating and air conditioning company.