How to Properly Maintain Your Heat Pump

Posted: 2020-04-02

Without a doubt, a heat pump is an energy-efficient and versatile way to make your home comfortable. It can make it warm or cool, depending on your needs and preferences. But as good as it is, your unit needs proper maintenance to ensure it does its job well and will stay with you for years.

When you take care of your heat pump, you are helping it to be as efficient as possible. According to the Department of Energy, the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one can be as much as 10 percent to 25 percent.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted HVAC company in Forest Lake MN. In this article, we give you practical tips on how to take care of your heat pump.

Pay attention to your user’s manual.

This may have not crossed your mind, but your user manual is a great place to find out how to use your heat pump properly and perform basic maintenance steps. Following the recommended usage and maintenance tips from your heat pump’s manufacturer is a great way to ensure you get the most of it. So, spend some time reading your user’s manual and equip yourself with simple preventive maintenance steps.

Manage your filters.

Just like any HVAC system, your heat pump has an air filter, which catches contaminants in the air such as dirt, dust, pollen, hair, and pet dander. Inspecting and cleaning the filter regularly is an important part of heat pump maintenance that can contribute to your comfort, indoor air quality, and safety. It is normal for your unit to collect dust and other airborne particles, but failure to manage the filter can cause the unit to suffer from poor airflow, which hinders the efficiency of other parts and cause the system to overheat and fail. You may not know it, but dust and debris are among the most common causes of HVAC issues. Be sure to check your user’s manual if you have a reusable or a disposable filter. Clean or change as needed.

Manage the outdoor unit.

The outside unit of your heat pump plays an important part in its operation. Therefore, you should keep it clean and clear of debris. Take away leaves, weeds, and other rubbish from the unit. Using a garden hose, spray the unit down to eliminate all debris. This must be done regularly to avoid the system from overheating and causing damage to the system.

After hosing, use a rag and warm water to wipe the outdoor unit. Remove dirt and dust from the vents as well. It is also important to check the system at least once a month to ensure it is draining properly. If you discover any clogs, remove them as necessary.

Check the unit’s position and condensate drain.

The position of your heat pump is also an important aspect of ensuring its performance. Make sure it is not located directly under a leaky gutter or any other source of dripping water. In addition, check if your heat pump meets the specific elevation requirements. It must be at least four inches off the ground to allow proper drainage under the system.

Your heat pump’s condensate drain can tell you how your unit is doing. If you notice cracks or leaks, the drain may need a replacement. These leaks can also indicate other problems and require you to take a closer look into your unit. If you find this step a little overwhelming, call your local HVAC professional for advice.

Need Help? Call Four Seasons Air Specialists

Maintaining your heat pump offers a lot of benefits such as lower energy bills, fewer instances of repairs, improved indoor air quality, and longer equipment lifespan.

To reap all these benefits, be sure to call Four Seasons Air Specialists. Our teams of certified technicians will inspect the outdoor and indoor units and clean and lubricate them as necessary. We will check your ductwork and seal off any leaks or damages. We’ll also make sure your unit has the right refrigerant charge and has no leaks. There are other things we can do to help you maintain your heat pump the right way. We are your reliable Hugo heating and air conditioning company.