How to Prepare Your HVAC System for a Snow Storm

Posted: 2019-01-03

Because the weather in Minnesota can be pretty harsh, an efficient, fully functioning HVAC system is absolutely essential to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. Winter can be very unpredictable and when snow is in the forecast, you won’t have any idea if it’s going to be a light dusting or an absolute snow blast. The best way to deal with a snowstorm and keep everybody in your home safe from the cold is to prepare your HVAC system.

This article aims to give you some helpful tips on how to keep your home safe during a snowstorm, and to keep your HVAC system working properly and efficiently.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is a licensed heating company in White Bear Lake, MN that can help you keep your furnace in great shape and prepare it for a snowstorm.

Here are simple steps you can perform to get everything set for an extreme weather particularly in terms of home comfort.

Schedule a furnace inspection.

Most, if not all HVAC professionals agree that many furnace failures and repairs are due to lack of preventive maintenance. Maintaining your heating system is one of the most effective and easiest ways to prepare your home for a grinding weather.

Furnaces can easily get worn down and need additional attention from time to time, especially during extreme weather conditions. You should contact your HVAC technician to come in and inspect your system.

During a maintenance check, the technician inspects everything from the motor to electrical switches to belts, and repairs are made before a problem even arises. This is the best way to fight future repairs and it also keeps your furnace working at peak performance. As a result, furnace maintenance helps you save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in repair costs.

Change your air filters.

Dirty furnace filters will require more power to keep your home warm. For this reason, you should install a new filter once at least every three months, as they do get filthy pretty quickly. If you have pets or smokers in the home, you should replace your filters on a monthly basis. Having clean filters installed improves airflow and prevents the spread of pollutants.

Moreover, you should have extra filters ready, since your system will work harder when the temperature outside gets frigid, causing your filters to be clogged much quicker. Ensure that your filters are being checked more frequently, and replace them as needed.

Improve your home’s insulation.

Making sure your home has proper insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep the temperature regulated throughout the house. A significant amount of heat can be lost through your roof, so it’s imperative to have your attic properly insulated. Also, look for drafts around windows and doors, and seal up any leaks. When your HVAC system is not competing with the outside temperature coming into your home, it will keep your system from being overworked during a snowstorm. This alone can help you maintain a consistent heat throughout the home and it also helps lower your utility bills.

Check your thermostat.

Your thermostat is responsible for controlling the heat within your HVAC system, and there are times you may find that it’s making false temperature readings. To test the accuracy of your thermostat, you can purchase a different one, particularly a programmable model for more control over temperatures when you’re away. Programmable and smart thermostats help lower your utility costs as they give you the facility to adjust temperatures based on your actual heating needs.

Maintain your ducts.

Your duct network should be cleaned periodically to allow efficient heating as well as to provide clean, fresh air throughout your home. Inspect your ducts for cracks, leaks, dents, and disconnected parts, as these damages can allow the development of mold. Have your ducts properly sealed and insulated to avoid heated air from being let out. If you think this step can be a little overwhelming for you, call a qualified technician. In addition to your ductwork, an HVAC professional can also inspect your furnace’s belts, motors, and electrical switches, as well as your thermostat and gas pressure.

Call the Heating Pros

To effectively prepare your furnace for a snowstorm, be sure to call Four Seasons Air Specialists. We are your reliable Dellwood heating and air conditioning maintenance contractor that works towards helping you create a safer, more comfortable living environment — regardless of the weather.