How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Heating Season

Posted: 2022-09-29

Summer is officially over. It’s time to get ready for the winter. And one of the most important tasks you need to look into is to make sure your furnace is prepared for the season. With that in mind, this article will give you key steps to guarantee optimum performance from your heating system.

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Since your furnace is going to be your biggest energy consumer at home, it only makes sense to prepare it beforehand. But more than energy efficiency, you would want your heating system to run as safely as possible. Especially if you have a gas-fired unit, it’s recommended to have it checked by a professional who can spot issues early, including possible gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

Here are five tips to get your furnace all set for the winter.

Use a clean filter.

The filter is the easiest part of your HVAC system to maintain, and yet it performs a critical part in the overall performance of your unit. It protects your system from unwanted dust, debris, and other elements that can affect its usefulness. A dirty filter can cause several problems in your HVAC system, which can be pretty costly if ignored. It compromises airflow, which results in overheating and higher energy consumption. When left unattended, this issue will lead to a faster deterioration of internal parts. To avoid these problems, be sure to clean or replace your air filters before operating your HVAC system this fall. Your user’s manual should tell you whether you have a reusable or a replaceable filter.

Make sure your ducts are unclogged.

Your furnace delivers heated air through a network of ducts. Therefore, it is important to keep these ducts clean to guarantee only clean air is distributed throughout your home. Clean ducts are a must, especially if you’ve recently completed a renovation project, if someone in your home has a compromised immune system, or if you have elderly individuals at home. While duct cleaning isn’t something you do frequently, it’s best to have them checked and see if a major cleaning schedule is needed.

Clean the furnace room.

This is a critical, yet often neglected preparation step in preparing a furnace for the winter. The space where your furnace is installed usually becomes a functional storage room during other seasons. As a result, it’s easy for this area to be cluttered and therefore, it needs to be cleaned before winter settles in. Vacuum the furnace room and the furnace’s exterior to remove dust and dirt. The unit should always be visible and away from other objects.

Check your homes insulation.

No matter the season, you wouldn’t want to waste energy due to leaks or cracks in your ductwork. These holes let out heated air while allowing the cool air from the outside to enter your home. It is recommended to have a professional come by and check your entire duct network for drafts, leaks, and the overall quality of your home’s insulation. When your insulation is up to standards, you can keep the warm air in and the cool air out. This setup is important for both energy efficiency and comfort.

Test the unit.

Since your heating system has been sitting idle over the past few months, it should be tested before going into full swing. The best way to do this is to set your thermostat a few degrees higher to warm up your furnace or heat pump. Determine if the system can easily get to the temperature you set. If it takes too long, or it doesn’t turn on, or it blows cold air, has a technician check it and diagnose the problem. Contact a professional before the temperatures go lower and the cold gets more intolerable.

Need Help? Ask Four Seasons Air Specialists

These tips should guide you in better preparing your furnace for the winter. But if you want a comprehensive Centerville furnace repair and maintenance done on your unit, be sure to give us a call. Our experts will give it a thorough cleaning, check for leaks, and make sure it is both energy-efficient and safe all season long.