How to Maintain Your Furnace During Winter

Posted: 2020-11-26

Your furnace is your reliable companion that keeps you comfortable amid frosty weather. Keeping it in great shape is vital to enjoying a totally comfortable home. But to minimize your chances of experiencing system issues this winter, you should give your furnace the care it deserves. And the best part, you can do some of these maintenance steps yourself.

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Filter Cleaning

One of the easiest things you can do that does not require the skills of a professional is changing your furnace filter regularly, especially when it begins to be filled with dirt and debris. The filter keeps dirt from getting into your system. When the filter gets clogged, it can cause several issues, including overheating, which occurs when the system lacks airflow. If you miss attending to this issue, it could result in severe problems. A clogged filter can cause your heat exchanger to overheat and develop cracks over time, which could cost you hundreds of dollars. It also compromises your furnace’s efficiency, which increases its energy use.

It is recommended to clean or replace the filter at least once per month, depending on usage. Filters are easy to change and available in most home improvement and HVAC stores. If you have household pets or family members with preexisting respiratory conditions, you may need to manage your filters twice as often.

A clean filter offers a number of benefits, including lower energy costs. Since heating, especially during the coldest months of the year, can account for about half of your monthly energy costs, changing your filter will help you minimize the costs because the fan motor doesn’t have to run as hard.

Winter is the season when your furnace runs nearly non-stop, you’d want it to run as effortlessly as possible, avoiding comfort issues. An efficient furnace with a clean filter also runs silently. You’ll enjoy the quietness and comfort throughout your home.

Regular filter maintenance also extends the life of your furnace. Since the system works with sufficient airflow, it operates with minimal strain, which avoids the premature breakdown of parts. As a result, you will have a better return on your investment.

Pilot Light Inspection

One of the most important parts of your furnace is the pilot light, which is a small flame that is always lit. When you turn the furnace on, gas is released to the main burner and the pilot light ignites that gas to start the furnace and provide heat.

If there are drafts in your home or it has How to Maintain Your Furnace During Winter

subpar insulation, the pilot light may go out. You can relight the pilot light yourself. First, turn the gas regulator valve to the “OFF” position. Then, turn the gas valve to the “PILOT” position and push the ignition button to ignite the pilot. Hold the gas valve to this position for about a minute. Then, slowly release the gas valve, and if the pilot remains lit, turn the valve to the “ON” position. However, if you smell gas, do not try to light the pilot. If you think there’s a gas leak, call your gas company right away and stay in a safe place.

Odd Noise and Smoke Checking

Your furnace should produce minimal sounds while operating and no smoke. But if the unit has excessive noises, it could mean there is a problem inside the system. If you hear a whistling sound, it’s possible there is something interfering with the airflow, such as a blockage. A clogged air filter can sometimes cause this sound, and cleaning or replacing it eliminates the problem. However, a whistling sound can also mean other things such as a blocked return, objects in the ducts, or closed dampers and vents. If the whistling sound or any excessive sound becomes unbearable, call a professional immediately.

Trust the Masters in Home Heating

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