How to Improve Your Furnace's Airflow

Posted: 2023-01-26

For your furnace to run smoothly, it needs proper airflow. The heated air goes through the filter, ducts, and vents. When all of these parts are clean, you can expect comfortable heat throughout your home, your energy costs will be low, and the system will have a longer lifespan. However, failure to maintain proper airflow can make your life a little uncomfortable, like inconsistent temperatures—one room is warmer than the others.

One of the risks of a lack of furnace maintenance is carbon monoxide poisoning. Also known as CO, carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that is linked to the deaths of 200 Americans every year and sends another 10,000 to the hospital, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. For this, reason, it is vitally important to ensure that your furnace has proper airflow and no leaks are found within the system.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted heating company in Hugo MN. We help homeowners keep their furnaces in tip-top shape, ensuring greater comfort and improved energy efficiency. Here are steps you can take to help your furnace breathe a little bit easier.

HVAC Airflow 101

In layman’s terms, airflow can be defined as the measure of the amount of air that enters and exits your furnace. In order for the system to run properly, the unit’s airflow must be properly balanced—the amount of air it draws should be equal to the amount of air it blows.

Having balanced airflow ensures that the whole home is heated properly. It also improves your comfort throughout the home and minimizes your heating costs as it maximizes your furnace’s efficiency. Moreover, you’ll enjoy your furnace for a longer period of time because proper airflow makes it easier for the parts to perform their tasks.

Keep the filter clean.

The air filter plays an integral role in improving your indoor air quality as well as the air that flows within the furnace. It traps different airborne contaminants, including pollen, dust, debris, pet hair, and others. Over time, the filter gets clogged, restricting the air into the system. To avoid this problem, be sure to check the filter at least once a month and clean or replace it as needed.

Keep the ducts leak-free.

The duct network around your home is also essential to have the right amount of air within the system. After a few years of use, holes and cracks can develop in the ducts and compromise the airflow. It won’t be a surprise when between one-third and one-half of the air within the duct ends up leaking into the home. Such an issue is common for rooms that are positioned furthest away from the unit. In winter, the hot air from the furnace may not reach these areas, no matter how high the thermostat settings may be.  As a result, these rooms will still feel cold. To avoid this problem, ask a qualified technician to locate the leaks and perform the necessary repairs.

Keep the vents clean.

Dirt, dust, and other foreign matters do not only collect in the filter. They can also build up inside your ducts and vents. Those masses of dirt can block the airflow, which in turn adds strain on your furnace to push air past them. To avoid escalating the problem, you can use your vacuum cleaner’s hose to get rid of those contaminants lying inside your vents. This easy step not only helps your furnace perform better but also helps clean the air you breathe in.

While you’re at it, be sure that the vents are fully open and that nothing blocks the air flowing from them. Sometimes, a piece of furniture could be right in front of the vent, obstructing the airflow. So, make sure that the area surrounding the vents is clean and clear.

Boost Your Furnaces Efficiency with Four Seasons Air Specialists

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