How to Have Superior Indoor Air Quality this Coming Spring

Posted: 2020-03-05

Your home’s indoor air should be thoroughly clean regardless of the season. Spring is only a few weeks away and though the temperatures will be milder, this season is associated with increased asthma and allergy cases. One reason is the blooming of flowers that loose pollen into the air, triggering allergic reactions. This is why you should take the necessary steps to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

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Here are a few tips to help improve the air that circulates throughout your home.

Keep your house clean.

A clean house is a healthy house, at least in terms of indoor air quality. Part of keeping your home’s air clean is minimizing the buildup of mold, dust, dirt, and other particles in your home. Vacuuming will help you eliminate the dirt on your carpets and rugs. Be sure to do this at least twice per week and equip your vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Also, remove items that collect dust, such as tabletop ornaments, books, and magazines. Keep children’s toys, games, and stuffed animals in plastic bins.

Allergy-proof your home.

Some of the items that attract allergens include your beddings, drapes, and similar items, so, change them regularly. If you have furry household pets, you should change your beddings twice as often. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology suggests washing your beddings in water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to thoroughly cleanse them. It is also recommended to use dust mite-proof pillow covers and mattresses.

If you can’t find a new home for your household pets, at least keep them out of your bedroom. Bathe at least once a week to reduce the amount of allergen in the dander they shed.

Carpeting is one place that harbors allergens, so remove it and use hardwood flooring or linoleum flooring and washable area rugs instead. It this isn’t feasible, you can use low-pile instead of high-pile carpeting and vacuum and shampoo the carpet weekly.

Ensure your HVAC filters are clean.

A dirty filter is no longer able to effectively collect dirt and debris; rather, it circulates them throughout your home. That is why you must change your air filters regularly. This will ensure a cleaner, fresher indoor air. This is particularly important if you have children, the elderly, or family members with preexisting respiratory conditions. A clean filter keeps airborne contaminants from distributing throughout your home. It also helps your HVAC system run more smoothly.

Depending on how you use your HVAC system, filters should be changed or cleaned at least once per month. To ensure maximum filtration efficiency, invest in a filter that has a minimum MERV 7 rating.

Use ultraviolet lamps.

UV lamps use ultraviolet light tuned to a specific wavelength to remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants at the source. Ultraviolet lights prevent the reproductive cycles of mold spores, which significantly reduces mold and mildew buildup in your home. A UV light in your HVAC system will lower the presence of mold, bacteria and other microorganisms that trigger or aggravate allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Keep in mind to avoid prolonged exposure to UV-C light as it can cause skin and eye irritation. Be sure to have sufficient eye and skin protection such as goggles, caps, and gloves when using UV germicidal lights.

Additionally, have your UV germicidal lamps installed by a certified HVAC professional to guarantee your safety.

Boost your home’s ventilation system.

To keep your indoor air fresh, there should be a good circulation of outdoor air into your home. A ventilation system adds the right amount of fresh air from the outside in and circulates fresh air throughout your home. It is also designed to let air escape from areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. A ventilation system also helps prevent condensation, makes your HVAC system more efficient, and gives you improved comfort levels.

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