How to Ensure Your Family Inhales Clean Air at Home

Posted: 2021-05-13

Your home should be a place where you and your family can be safe and healthy, and your indoor air has a lot to say about this. Now more than ever, people have realized the importance of breathing in clean air, including the air that circulates throughout the home. Neglecting to maintain healthy indoor air quality can lead to serious respiratory illness, especially if you have children, the elderly, or people with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

For this reason, it is recommended that you work with a trusted HVAC company in Woodbury MN to establish an air-cleaning and maintenance system. Four Seasons Air Specialists is one of the most preferred in the area.

With that in mind, here are tips you can follow to ensure you and your family are inhaling nothing but clean, fresh air.

Keep your filters in check.

A dirty filter can no longer effectively catch dirt and debris; instead, it circulates them throughout your home. This is dangerous and you should therefore change your air filters regularly. Doing so will ensure your home has good indoor air quality. A clean filter keeps airborne contaminants from distributing throughout your home. It also helps your HVAC system run more smoothly, consuming less energy in the process.

Depending on your heating and cooling preferences, filters should be changed or cleaned at least once per month. It’s best to check with your user’s manual to determine whether you have a replaceable or a reusable filter. To ensure utmost filtration efficiency, invest in a filter that has a minimum MERV 7 rating.

Improve your homes ventilation.

Proper ventilation is essential to minimizing indoor air pollution, providing fresh air, and eliminating airborne contaminants. Installing exhaust fans can help get rid of odors and fumes from your use of household chemicals, such as detergent, cleaners, and air fresheners.

You can also upgrade to mechanical ways of ventilation to more effectively manage the exchange between indoor and outdoor air. Your friendly HVAC contractor can help you find the right ventilator for your home.

Invest in ultraviolet lamps.

UV lamps use ultraviolet light tuned to a specific wavelength to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants at the source. These devices prevent the reproductive cycles of mold spores, which significantly reduces mold and mildew buildup in your home. A UV light, especially UV-C light, in your HVAC system will control the presence of mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms that trigger or worsen allergies and respiratory illnesses.

However, you should use ultraviolet lights with caution. Avoid prolonged exposure to UV-C light as it can cause skin and eye irritation. Be sure to have sufficient eye and skin protection such as goggles, caps, and gloves when using UV germicidal lights.

Also, have your UV germicidal lamps installed by a certified HVAC professional to guarantee your safety.

Consider duct cleaning.

The duct network in your home delivers heated or cooled air throughout your home, which means fine debris can end up accumulating in the ducts and can negatively affect your indoor air quality. That’s why you should schedule a duct cleaning session with a licensed HVAC company.

Certified and seasoned duct specialists will inspect, clean, and if needed, repair your ducts to help improve the quality of your indoor air. This process also helps boost the efficiency levels of your HVAC systems and prevent frequent failures.

Ensure your HVAC systems receive routine maintenance.

Some homeowners fail to regularly maintain their air conditioning units or heat pumps, which often leads to serious problems.

Professional HVAC maintenance is an essential step that helps you keep your comfort systems running in perfect condition. A qualified technician can thoroughly inspect, tune-up, and clean the entire system, ensuring there is no blockage to the system’s airflow. This step helps your comfort system to circulate clean air across your home.

Ask the Indoor Air Quality Experts

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