How a Smart Thermostat Can Help You Save on Heating Costs

Posted: 2022-12-15

Running your furnace is a necessary task to keep you and your family comfortable and safe in winter. And if you’re looking for ways to stay toasty without having to spend too much on energy, you might want to take a look into upgrading to a smart thermostat.

In case you’re wondering, how can a little device help me minimize my energy consumption? In this article, we will give you some answers.

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Whats a Smart Thermostat, in the First Place?

The thermostat is the part of your HVAC system that allows you to control the temperature in your home. Depending on the thermostat’s setting, it measures your home’s temperature and uses that information to initiate your HVAC system.

But thermostats have gone a long way. Technological advancements enable thermostats to do more than just activate your HVAC system. Also known as a connected or communicating thermostat, a smart thermostat gives you the ability to create automatic and programmable temperature settings based on your preferences, daily weather conditions, and your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Features like a LED touchscreen display, Wi-Fi compatibility, self-learning capacity, and connectivity to smartphones are just some of the modern conveniences a smart thermostat offers.

Energy-Saving Features of a Smart Thermostat

The intuitive interface maximizes your heating and cooling efficiency.

Conventional thermostats can be a little challenging to read and program. On the other hand, smart thermostats feature user-friendly touchscreens that allow you to program your device with ease and comfort. Most models will even walk you through the process of programming the thermostat. What’s more—in some cases, the smart thermostat will even automatically discern and implement ideal temperature settings to help you save even more energy without compromising comfort.

Learning your familys schedule to apply the most efficient settings.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat offers several benefits, one of which is the ability to learn your family’s daily patterns and make the appropriate adjustments to your home’s temperature.  Such a feature eliminates the need for manually setting the thermostat based on the time of day or the outdoor temperature. The thermostat will remember your heating or cooling preferences and make sure you get home to a comfortable living space.

Remote access allows you to check your homes temperature and make the necessary adjustments wirelessly.

One of the key features of smart thermostats is that they let you monitor your home’s temperatures and change the settings from your smartphone. Since smart thermostats communicate wirelessly, you can access them from anywhere in the world where you have a device connected to the internet. This feature can mean significant energy savings. For example, you can make sure the furnace isn’t running at peak performance when the home’s empty—even when you are away on a vacation.

Auto environmental adjustments keep the HVAC system from running at full power.

Certain smart thermostat models have an auto environmental adjustment feature that has the ability to detect variations in the environment such as humidity and adjust the settings automatically. This ability avoids the need for cranking up the thermostat in these situations, which can cause an increase in your utility costs.

Energy tracking allows you to know how much energy has been used.

Having the ability to know the amount of energy you have used over a certain period allows you to make adjustments as needed. Some smart thermostats will display details, including the amount of time your HVAC system has been running, climate information that may affect your energy usage, and personalized recommendations to increase your energy efficiency. All of this can be accessed online via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. With this information made available to you, it will be easier to cut back on your energy use.

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