Heat Pump: Facts and Benefits

Posted: 2022-08-11

In the coming weeks, the temperatures are going to be milder, giving your air conditioner some rest (and your wallet, too). You might be looking for other ways to make your home comfortable without having to pay as much. If so, you should consider having a heat pump installed in your home.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your favorite HVAC company in Lino Lakes MN. As far as heat pumps are concerned, we have a wide array of models you can choose from. These systems are designed by Lennox, which is known for their energy efficiency and quiet operation.


A heat pump is a piece of equipment that uses electricity to move heat from one place to another. What it does is use a small amount of energy to switch that process into reverse, thereby pulling heat out of a relatively low-temperature area, and pushing it into a higher-temperature area. Therefore, heat is transferred from a source of heat like the ground or air, into your home.

In the winter, it pulls warm air from outside and transfers it indoors to make your home warmer. In the summer, it functions like an air conditioner by moving warm air outside while circulating cool air throughout your home. 

A Heat Pump in the Summer?

During the summer, a heat pump collects heat inside your home, absorbs it, and releases it outside or into the ground. Regardless of the outside temperature, it can effectively cool your home because it is only concerned with transferring the heat outside. It doesn’t create cold air or need any cold air to work. It simply removes heat from your home, which allows you to enjoy comfortable temperatures sans the high electricity bills.

Benefits of Operating a Heat Pump


Heat pumps are world-renowned for their energy efficiency. Compared to other HVAC systems, heat pumps are way more efficient. They use less energy and fuel to either heat or cool your home. Ground and air source heat pump efficiencies can be more than 300 percent since they only transfer heat, not generate it.

The efficiency level of heat pumps depends on how hard they must work to maintain a comfortable room temperature in your home. The lower the flow temperature, the greater the efficiency. For this reason, bigger radiators are more efficient. With more sizeable radiators and underfloor heating, the heat pump doesn’t have to operate at such a high temperature to heat your house, so the efficiency increases.

If you have a heat pump, especially a ground-fed unit, you may get through your winters and summers without even using your furnace or air conditioner at all. Ground source heat pumps use geothermal energy to give your home comfortable temperatures. Underneath the earth, solar radiation keeps the temperature at a relatively consistent 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great source of heat in the winter. On the other hand, it uses the earth as a heat sink during the hot summer months. A heat pump saves you the expense and hassle of buying and maintaining two HVAC systems. You can use your heat pump all year round.


Another advantage of investing in a heat pump is that it is designed to distribute both warm and cold air in your house. This versatility helps you save some money because it minimizes the costs associated with installing two different systems. Also, it takes up less space since it is only one system with two functions.

Easy Maintenance

In terms of system maintenance, a heat pump requires fewer steps compared to other HVAC systems. Certain parts need inspecting at least once a year and most of the time, you can perform these check-ups on your own! However, you may need a professional to look after your system every three or five years.

Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps are relatively quiet, running with quieter sounds than most dishwashers. They also help improve air quality by cleaning the air and dehumidifying your living space. Good air indoor air quality is critical because it helps prevent sickness and health complications in your family.

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