Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Lights

Posted: 2018-05-29

Every homeowner’s goal should be to keep their home clean while preventing the spread of harmful microorganisms at the same time. Not everyone is aware that their home is a habitat for many invisible, airborne biological pollutants. These contaminants can cause headaches, scratchy eyes, a runny nose, constant coughing, and other cold-like symptoms.

While having a functioning HVAC system is a nice way to keep your home comfortable, it may not be enough to completely get rid of all the contaminants that can negatively affect your health.

By installing an ultraviolet (UV) light, you can effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria, mildew, and other harmful airborne contaminants in your HVAC ducts and coils.

Four Seasons Air Specialists works in partnership with Healthy Climate to improve not only your home’s comfort,but more importantly, your family’s overall safety. We are your trusted HVAC company in Lino Lakes MN that can help you make your home a better place to live in.

What is a Germicidal Light?

A germicidal lamp is a certain type of lamp which generates ultraviolet (UVC) light. This short-wave ultraviolet light breaks DNA base pairing, causing the formation of pyrimidine dimers and leads to the eradication of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. It can also be used to create ozone for water disinfection.

Widely known as ‘cleaning lights’, ultraviolet germicidal lights are primarily used in air, food and water purification. Not only do these lights have the ability to kill bacteria, but they also prevent the growth of some viruses and mold by suppressing DNA duplication.

Germicidal lights are easily installed in your home’s HVAC system’s ductwork and their ultraviolet light rays wipe out surface and airborne particles.

Irradiating the cooling coils and drain pans can significantly reduce mold and bacteria growth on the often-wet surfaces of cooling coils and drain pans, or destroy the microbial films that previously accumulated on the irradiated surfaces.

Studies show that certain germicidal lights achieve up to 99 percent reduction of molds and bacteria on irradiated surfaces. The effectiveness of UV systems that irradiate microorganisms in flowing air can also be significant but is less dramatic and depends highly on the microorganism type, air velocity, humidity, the size of the particles carrying the microorganisms, and the UV system design.

Features of the Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Lights

Destroys Germs in your home

Healthy Climate® UV germicidal lights kill contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria. Using maximum-intensity ultraviolet light, they break the cell structure of microorganisms, preventing them from growing and spreading throughout your home.

This product effectively reduces concentrations of airborne microorganisms by 50 percent within as little as 45 minutes.

Improves the health of your HVAC equipment

Germicidal lights also kill germs, mold, and fungi that may live in ductwork and inside your heating and cooling equipment. This helps keep your HVAC system clean and running at peak efficiency.

Continuously working to improve your indoor air

Since they’re easily installed inside your ductwork, germicidal lights can work with virtually any heating and cooling system to improve the air throughout your entire home. Even when your comfort system isn’t running, germicidal lights work continuously.

Purifies without producing ozone

Unlike some air purifiers on the market, Healthy Climate® germicidal lights provide protection from germs without producing ozone, a toxic gas that can irritate the lungs.

Here are the features of the UV germicidal lights:

  • Powerful ultraviolet energy helps eliminate biological contaminants like mold and bacteria
  • Improves air quality and protects equipment by sterilizing surfaces
  • Reduces concentrations of airborne bioaerosols by 50%* within as little as 45 minutes
  • Dual-lamp or single-lamp option
  • Available in 2,000 microwatts (UV-2000) or 1,496 microwatts (UV-1000)
  • UL listed
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components


  • Improves air quality and protects equipment by sterilizing surfaces
  • Dual-lamp or single-lamp option


  • Powerful ultraviolet energy helps eliminate biological contaminants like mold and bacteria

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