Furnace Maintenance Tips

Posted: 2018-02-23

Maintaining your furnace the right way can be beneficial to both you and the unit itself. With regular maintenance, your furnace will run more efficiently throughout the heating season. Keeping every part of the heating system working at peak performance not only helps lower your utility costs, it also ensures you get maximum comfort from your furnace.

Safety is another thing to consider why you need to maintain your furnace on a regular basis. Anin-depth maintenance should include a review of your furnace’s safety features and possible problem areas.

A trusted heating company in Lino Lakes, MN like Four Seasons Air Specialists has the knowledge, experience, and technology to properly maintain your furnace. We can ensure your furnace will be set according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your furnace in tip-top shape.


Regular cleaning and replacement of your furnace filters will guarantee the best filtration, increase the life of your unit, and give you peace of mind that you have better indoor air quality.

Turn off your furnace and locate the service panel. Most of these panels can be removed by hand but in some cases, a screwdriver may come handy. Locate the filter and check its dust levels. If you have a reusable filter, you can simply rinse away the dust particles, dry it off and put it back in place. If you have a disposable model, take note of the filter size, throw the dirty one away, buy, and replace it with a new one.


Your thermostat is a highly sensitive control device that responds even to the slightest changes in temperature. Even if it has fewer parts, neglecting it can cause heating issues.

An improperly installed or accidentally bumped thermostat cover can cause your furnace to fail to start. Also, if the thermostat is out of level, it may cause it to malfunction. Make sure that the cover is properly installed and that the thermostat is correctly level.


Dust, dirt, and debris can penetrate through the filter and accumulate in the blower. Remove the panels that cover the filter to access the blower assembly. Clean the blower, pulleys, and belts by removing the dirt buildup and lubricate them if necessary. This will ensure your furnace will run more smoothly and efficiently, giving you cleaner air while lowering your heating costs.


Gas furnaces are typically equipped with a venting system. At some point, this ventilation can block due to large amounts of dust and debris. Improper ventilation is dangerous and can pose dangers to your family. Using a large brush, clean all the vents; begin by removing the vent cover and clean the inside with a vacuum cleaner.


Clogged ductwork can cause your home to have hot and cold spots. Since the rooms cannot reach the temperature you have set on the thermostat, your furnace will be working continuously to provide the desired temperature. Not only this is inconvenient and expensive, but an obstruction to your ductwork will also compromise your indoor air quality. This can lead to certain health issues, particularly if anyone from your family is suffering from allergies or have preexisting respiratory conditions.

A qualified technician can eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from your ducts, vents, grilles, registers, heat exchangers, fan motor and housing, and other components of your furnace.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

While these simple steps can help you keep your furnace in great shape, annual maintenance from a certified technician is still the best way to fine-tune your heating system.

During the maintenance check, the technician can clean your furnace thoroughly, determine potential problems, and make necessary adjustments to ensure it works perfectly.

Also, understand that gas furnaces involve a process of burning fossil fuels, which has the potential to release carbon monoxide, an odorless, fatal gas that can create flu-like symptoms. You need to make sure that your heating system is free from any leaks that can cause the emission of carbon monoxide. This check is usually included in a regular furnace maintenance session.

Ask the HVAC Pros

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