Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Furnace

Posted: 2018-11-01

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your home, especially during cold weather, is your furnace. Without it, your family will be uncomfortable and at the risk of developing diseases caused by sub-zero temperatures.  However, this puts a lot of stress on the furnace and if it’s at least 12 years old, it may not be as energy-efficient as it once was.

If you are in need of a new furnace for your home, there are a few things you need to think about before closing the deal. Choosing the right heating system can sometimes be difficult for a homeowner. To ensure you’re making the right choice, call your preferred heating company in Shoreview MN and ask for expert advice.

Here are important things to take into consideration when buying a new furnace.

Proper Sizing

Buying the most advanced or the costliest furnace doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the greatest comfort. When it comes to furnaces, bigger isn’t always better and smaller isn’t always economical.

When a furnace is too large, it heats up the home too quickly but consumes a lot of energy. A cumbersome furnace is inclined to short cycling, which means the unit will shut itself off before the thermostat even makes the right temperature readings. Too much short cycling isn’t good for the furnace as it causes the unit to fail prematurely.

Differently, when a furnace is too small, it lacks the power to properly heat your home, which causes it to run longer, trying to reach your desired temperature. Not only does it use more fuel, but it also forces your furnace to work with great force. Similar to an oversized furnace, a unit that is too small is highly likely to die prematurely — telling you to replace it much sooner than if you installed a properly sized system.


Your heating system is one of the main energy-consuming pieces of equipment in your home. It is essential to specify the energy-efficiency of a furnace to give you an idea of how much fuel it requires to heat your home.

A furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating is the measure by which a system’s ability to convert gas into heat is estimated. It shows the percentage of the fuel consumed that is actually used for producing heat. In simple terms, the higher the AFUE rating, the greater the savings.

A furnace with an AFUE of 90 percent converts 90 percent of the fuel into heat while the other 10 percent goes out the chimney or elsewhere.

HVAC Zoning Capability

Zoning provides greater control and allows a thermostat in each room to set the heating or cooling demands for a specific area. A properly installed zoning system decreases your utility bills because you are not wasting heated air on unused rooms.

When your home is divided into zones, you no longer have to spend money on heating these rooms as you would pay to heat the ones you always use such as your bedrooms and living rooms.

In addition, zoning gives you an individual temperature setting for each zoned area, allowing every family member to sleep better and enjoy improved comfort throughout the day.


The warranty on your furnace will differ depending on the manufacturer, model, and dealer. High-efficiency furnaces usually have longer warranties than low-efficiency units. With a condensing furnace, it is especially important to have a long-term warranty on the heat exchanger because this part is very expensive to replace or repair.

Get Your New Furnace Only from a Trusted Dealer

Choosing the right furnace for your home can be challenging but is an important decision to make. You wouldn’t risk exposing your family to a dangerously cold weather.  If you are looking for a new furnace, you need to know the difference between a great deal and a bad one.

Here at Four Seasons Air Specialists, we understand that buying a new heating system isn’t just about getting a new appliance but an investment to your family’s comfort and safety. We aim to provide you with the best system that fits your need. We have been the leading Shoreview furnace installation contractor serving you since 1974.