Energy-Saving Methods That Actually Work

Posted: 2023-04-13

You don't necessarily have to purchase new eco-friendly appliances to reduce your monthly energy bills. You can achieve significant savings by implementing a few simple tricks and adjusting the way you use your home comfort systems.

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Here are some practical tips to help you save on your home utility bills.

The Filters

In addition to purifying the air that circulates in your house, the filter in your air conditioner also prevents dust, dirt, and debris from infiltrating the internal components of your cooling system. If these particles accumulate in your air conditioner, it can force the system to work harder to circulate cool air throughout your home, resulting in suboptimal cooling and inconsistent, uncomfortable temperatures.

Replacing your air conditioner's filters regularly will help it run smoothly and consume less energy. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Energy, using clean filters can reduce your energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

The Air Vents

For those with central air conditioning, it's important to examine the vents. If you observe that some of the vents are closed, make sure to open them all. This allows your air conditioner to cool your home with ease and effectively remove air pollutants.

The Thermostat

To save on your utility bill, it's advisable to adjust your thermostat only a few degrees lower than the outdoor temperature. The smaller the temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors, the greater the energy savings.

When you're not at home, increase the temperature on your thermostat, and set it to 78 degrees Fahrenheit only when you're in the house and require cooling. A programmable thermostat can easily facilitate this.

Lowering your thermostat below the usual setting when you switch on your air conditioner doesn't aid in cooling your home faster. Instead, it may cause your electric bill to surge needlessly.

The Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to enhance your home's cooling efficiency. They are deemed the most effective fans since they circulate air efficiently in a room. According to the Department of Energy, using a ceiling fan can allow you to increase the thermostat setting by about 4 degrees without compromising comfort. In regions with moderate weather, ceiling fans may even eliminate the need for running your air conditioner.

It's important to keep in mind that ceiling fans are only suitable for rooms with ceilings at least eight feet tall. When purchasing ceiling fans, look for the ENERGY STAR label, as these fans move air 20% more efficiently on average than standard models.

Heat-Producing Appliances

To prevent your cooling system from running longer than necessary, it's advisable to position your thermostat away from heat-generating appliances such as TV sets or lamps. This is because thermostats can sense heat from these appliances.

During periods of extreme heat, it's best to avoid using the oven and instead use the stove or grill outdoors. Additionally, if feasible, refrain from using the washer, dryer, and dishwasher during the hottest part of the day.

Using energy-efficient lighting that emits less heat is also recommended. Where possible, avoid using incandescent bulbs as they consume more energy compared to LED lamps.

Natural Ventilation

Whenever feasible and depending on their orientation to the wind, leave your windows open. The wind will naturally ventilate your home, with the aid of the "chimney effect," keeping it cool. This type of ventilation is best suited for regions with cool evenings and frequent breezes.

Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your air conditioning system plays a vital role in keeping your family comfortable during scorching summer days. Similar to other equipment, the most effective way to maintain its efficiency is to have a professional take care of it annually. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner offers several benefits, including increased energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, greater comfort, and a longer lifespan for your air conditioner.

Consult the Cooling Professionals

If you have any queries about properly cooling your home, reach out to our specialists at Four Seasons Air Specialists. We will collaborate with you to ensure that your air conditioner functions at its peak, resulting in lower energy consumption.

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