Easy Troubleshooting Steps Before Calling an HVAC Contractor

Posted: 2020-04-09

The weather is no longer as harsh as it was a few weeks ago. But still, it is still pretty cold outside, meaning, you still need to run your heating system to keep yourself and your family comfortable.

Thanks to your HVAC unit, which gives you a toasty night in the midst of a rather cold climate. For this reason, you have to ensure it is always in tip-top shape. But what will you do in case your heating system blows cold air instead of warm? What if this takes place in the middle of the night and you have to wait till the sun rises up before your trusted heating company in Circle Pines MN is available?

Fortunately, there are minor troubleshooting steps you can perform to diagnose the problem and perhaps, you might even fix the problem yourself!

Here are a few tips for you.

How’s the filter?

This is the easiest thing you can do to find out what the problem is. Your HVAC filter cleans the air that circulates throughout your home. It also purifies the air within the system itself. It collects dust, hair, and other particles in the air and, over time, the filter gathers too much debris that can block the air in your HVAC system. These add stress to the furnace, which can lead to overheating. When neglected, this can result in more serious issues.

There are newer furnace models that automatically shut down before too much dirt is collected, signaling you to clean the filters. However, older units do not have this feature and will keep on working, but with compromised efficiency and subpar heating.

So, take some time to inspect your filter and clean or replace it as needed. Your air filter should be changed regularly, depending on the amount of dirt. Experts recommended replacing the filter every 30 days, especially during peak season. Managing your filter properly maybe a simple task, but it sure does help keep your system in great shape.

Is there power to the system?

Obviously, without power, your HVAC system won’t run. If your unit won’t start and have a suspicion that it is an electrical issue, make sure there is no power interruption in your area before calling your local HVAC company. This is undoubtedly a no-brainer but there are service calls where a homeowner calls an HVAC contractor only to find out the issue has something to do with their electric company.

If the breaker for your HVAC system has tripped, reset it and see if your unit gets back up. If the breaker keeps on tripping, then there could be a more serious electrical problem that requires professional expertise. If you do not have the training, it’s best to call an electrician to keep you and your family safe.

If the fan is not working, check the fuse and make sure the switch is in the ON position. Also, watch out for disconnected electrical connections. Check the panel board and look for any burnt wirings. If you feel uncomfortable performing this task, call a professional.

How’s the Thermostat?

Your thermostat does more than just raising or dropping the temperature. Its main function of the thermostat is to tell the HVAC system to function. Some people assume that minor temperature issues or air circulation problems are brought about by a faulty thermostat. They try to fix it by setting the thermostat to an even higher temperature. But this only worsens the problem, as it causes furnace parts to work too hard, which can lead to system failure.

For the most part, simple adjustments on the thermostats rectify the issue. Checking your thermostat battery may also be needed. If the thermostat can’t properly control the temperature, it’s probably covered in filth, tilted on the wall, or positioned where it can’t get a proper reading. To solve the problem, try these simple steps:

  • Turn the furnace off.
  • Open the thermostat cover and remove dirt or debris with a soft brush or vacuum.
  • Search for corrosion and clean it with an electric contact cleaner.
  • If you have a mechanical thermostat, be sure it is mounted level on the wall.
  • Position the thermostat about five feet from the wall. Do not mount it behind a door, in a closet, in a corner, near a window or door, or close to a heat source.
  • Restart the furnace and make sure the thermostat is set to HEAT. Make sure your temperature setting is higher than the outside temperature.

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