Ductless Systems - When Are They the Best Heating & Cooling Solution?

Posted: 2017-09-11

If your home does not have central heat and air conditioning and you are thinking of installing it, there is an option that is gaining popularity in the United States. It is the ductless system.

The basic ductless cooling and heating system consists of two units, one indoor and one outdoor, that require nothing more than mounting capabilities and access to electricity. Ductless systems deliver air directly into different zones or rooms. Other names for ductless systems are split systems, mini-split systems, or split ductless systems. Ductless heating and cooling systems are a cost-efficient way to replace inefficient window units, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters. Ductless systems can be installed in nearly any application but are best used where there is no ductwork like in home additions, sunrooms, attics, garages, very small areas and where comfort levels are difficult to control. They can also be installed in new construction, condominiums and apartments.

Ductless systems can be fit for houses that currently use ducted forced-air systems. Ductless systems are easy to install and, depending on the number of indoor and outdoor units required, can be up and running in one day. These mini-split systems run on small pipes that require only a three-inch hole. There is no loss of square footage in the home. Since mini-splits have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork of central forced air systems. Split ductless systems can use up to eight separate indoor air-handling units for each outdoor unit. Each air-handler has its own controller so the homeowner can direct the air flow. If you own a larger home, you may wish to purchase two ductless multi-room outdoor units in order to boost your indoor cooling and heating to the entire house. Many mini-splits offer a remote control to make it easier to turn the system on and off when it is positioned high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling.

Ductless Systems Take Up Less Space Than Traditional Heating & Cooling Systems

Ductless systems are smaller than traditional forced-air systems and use less power. Because the temperature-controlled air is delivered directly to a room, there is no loss in efficiency. The systems allow homeowners to only heat or cool the rooms they occupy.

Ductless cooling and heating systems are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and completely customizable. The homeowner has the ability to cool and heat specific parts of the home to the exact temperature desired. They provide consistent year-round comfort. Ductless cooling and heating systems can save 30% to 40% off of the energy costs of a forced-air system and provide control over comfort. In addition, homeowners may be eligible for tax credits or utility rebates as well as federal, state and local level programs that offer additional savings.

The ductless systems come in many shapes and sizes. Besides the standard or deluxe wall mount, there are floor-mounted, ceiling-recessed and short-ducted indoor units. When wall space is at a minimum, the homeowner may choose a horizontal-ducted unit. It can be installed at either the floor or ceiling level. A ceiling-recessed unit, which resembles a vent, is also available for tight spaces. A ceiling-recessed vent also keeps your systems hidden from view. The floor-mounted unit is about the size of a small radiator and easily blends into your living space. The floor-mount also has a built in filtration system and a remote control.

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