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Benefits of a Properly Maintained Air Conditioner

Posted: 2019-07-04

This summer, your air conditioner is undoubtedly the most essential piece of equipment in your home, especially in terms of giving your family a comfortable living space. For this reason, you must ensure it gets the proper care it deserves. Just like how a car that undergoes regular preventive maintenance gives you peace of mind and comfort, so does a properly maintained AC.

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Here are reasons why you should consider giving your cooling system a regular tune-up.

Greater Efficiency

The Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling accounts for about half of your home’s total energy usage. This number can easily go up if your AC is not properly maintained, causing it to work with added pressure. Studies reveal that an air conditioner that receives regular maintenance lowers your home’s energy usage by as much as 20 to 30 percent.

A thorough maintenance schedule includes inspecting, cleaning, and if necessary, lubricating internal parts such as fans, cooling coils, and motors. By keeping these parts clean (especially the coils), your air conditioner is able to provide comfortable temperatures without having to work hard. This increase in efficiency results in lower energy costs, allowing you to save money in the process.

A Cleaner Indoor Air

Your air conditioner is not only responsible for making you feel comfortable in the midst of an extremely hot summer day, but it also acts as an agent that cleans your indoor air. A qualified technician is well aware of all system components and will make sure your air conditioner is clean through and through. He will remove dirt and debris that have been collected within the unit. If this accumulation of pollutants is ignored, your air conditioner will circulate it throughout your home, putting you and your family at a risk of developing respiratory diseases.

Cleaning or replacing your filters is a part of the maintenance process, which allows for a healthy circulation of air and an increase in the system’s overall efficiency. This results in cleaner air throughout your home, which lowers the chances of you developing health issues brought about by poor indoor air quality.

Minimal Repair Costs

While you may perceive regular maintenance as a moment of inconvenience, but this appointment is a critical step toward saving money in the long run. Just like how it’s important for you to get a regular check-up with a physician or a dentist, a regular visit from your local HVAC professional makes sure your AC is working at peak efficiency. The technician is able to identify failing parts and will repair or replace them if needed. This will avoid unnecessary service calls because your air conditioner stops working for an unknown reason. A little investment in maintenance actually saves you money. This is particularly true because replacing faulty AC components is much cheaper compared to replacing an entire air conditioner as a result of total breakdown.

Consistent Cooling

No one wants to deal with comfort issues at home. However, a neglected air conditioner can frustrate you by cooling one room but not the other. It can cause you to chill in the bedroom while making your living room feel like a sauna. This problem is caused by the lack of proper air conditioner care and management.

On the other hand, a properly maintained AC should be able to consistently provide even cooling through all of the rooms in your home, giving you the comfort levels you expect out of your system. A professional maintenance schedule will give you a totally comfortable summer.

Assured Warranty Coverage

While some homeowners fail to appreciate the importance of warranty, but it’s exactly what you need in case your AC breaks down. Failure to give your air conditioner a regular maintenance schedule may void your warranty. Most manufacturers require homeowners to have their unit serviced by a qualified technician to keep it under warranty.

Call the Cooling Pros

These are just some of the advantages of investing in professional AC maintenance. If you want to enjoy these benefits, schedule a visit with our friendly HVAC experts. Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted Dellwood heating and air conditioning company serving you since 1974.