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Benefits of a Humidifier During the Cold Season

Posted: 2019-10-31

During the cold months of fall and winter, humidity levels significantly drop since cold air can hold less moisture compared to warm air. Since most Minnesota homes use forced air heating systems, which utilize combustion to create warm air, the humidity levels will even be more critical.

When a home has low humidity levels, the air feels much cooler, which means you will need to turn up your furnace to get your preferred temperature. In addition, low humidity is also attributed to dry skin and a higher risk of catching airborne diseases.

A whole-home humidifier is an effective way to solve these issues. Four Seasons Air Specialists is a heating company in North Oaks MN that offers humidification systems engineered to solve your home’s humidity problems.

Effects of Poor Humidity

During the cold months, low temperatures and running heating systems may lead to dry air with low humidity, causing your skin to dry, irritate sinuses and throat, and make your eyes itchy.

Low humidity can be a cause of dry, irritated eyes since it is known to intensify the evaporation of tears. This may break the moisture balance necessary for a healthy, comfortable eye surface.

In addition to dry eyes, low moisture levels combined with colder temperatures also tend to cause damage to your skin. Many suffer from what is commonly referred to as “winter itch”, a condition caused by improper humidity that makes the skin dry, scaly, and itchy.

The cold months are also notorious for the development of flu viruses.

Non-Health Negative Effects of Poor Humidity

Low humidity is notorious not only in negatively affecting health but also certain household items. If you have hardwood flooring, wooden artwork, books, or furniture, low humidity can cause them to lose moisture and contract, leading to cracks, warps, and other forms of damage.

Why Use a Humidifier this Season?

Humidification prevents the spread of airborne viruses.

According to a study, raising indoor humidity levels to at least 43 percent has a significant effect on about 85 percent of airborne viruses, making them nearly ineffective.

It helps prevent dry skin.

Since more than half of the body is made of water, dry environments may pull moisture out, leaving behind dry skin, chapped lips, and in some cases, dry eyes. The human body depends on having the right amount of water to feel good. Due to the fact that our skin has so much surface area, it is usually the place that we notice first when we are exposed to extremely dry conditions. Also, as mentioned above, our lips and eyes get irritated when not properly hydrated.

Regardless of the weather or your health, your body needs moisture. A humidifier moisturizes your skin and helps clean your pores as well. This will give your skin a healthier look and keep your body temperature at a safe, stable level.

It helps alleviate allergies.

By having a well-balanced level of humidity in your indoor air, you can keep your nasal passages clear of mucus. Having clear nasal passages means that your body has an easier time cleansing any allergens present in your home. Humidifiers have also proven quite effective for those who suffer from sinusitis. Dry air irritants won’t be as powerful with the added moisture in the air.

It prevents wood damage.

As mentioned earlier, low humidity can damage wooden items in your home. This is because wood needs a consistent level of moisture to keep its properties. A humidifier, when used wisely, can help ensure that the wooden items in your home will be as pristine as ever.

Humidifiers are typically connected to the home’s plumbing system, so the water used for humidification is directly supplied to the unit. They provide humidity to your home without the need for constant inspection of the equipment.

Need Help? Call Four Seasons Air Specialists

A whole-home humidifier can mean the difference between being sick and healthy during these cold months. To protect your home and family from the effects of low humidity during this time of year, consider having a humidifier installed in your home. We are your reliable White Bear Lake heating and air conditioning company serving you since 1974.