All About the Aprilaire 2410 Media Air Cleaner

Posted: 2019-10-01

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. Even if you are running your HVAC system, certain contaminants can still enter your home. The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants and bolster your home with clean outdoor air.

When traditional ways of fighting off indoor air pollution aren’t as effective, you may need to use mechanical ways to clean your indoor air. For this reason, you should consider installing a who-home air purification system, which can be used along with almost any heating and air conditioning system that is already installed.

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your trusted HVAC company in North Oaks MN that offers a wide array of air purification products made by Aprilaire.

Who Should Consider Installing an Air Purification System

Families with Children and the Elderly

Children are more susceptible to air pollution since they breathe in more air per pound of body weight. Their internal organs, especially the lungs, are still developing until they reach their late teens. Studies reveal that developing organs are sensitive to the harmful effects of air pollutants and environmental contaminants. Kids also inhale pollutants more readily than adults and keep them in the body for longer periods of time.

In the same way, people aged 60 or older naturally have weaker immune systems compared to younger people. This makes them more susceptible to the health risks of indoor air pollutants.

Individuals with Preexisting Respiratory Conditions

Having a serious respiratory condition like asthma might be a sign that you need a media air cleaner. These filters can help you breathe fresher air and have a better quality sleep, which will help in a speedier recovery.

Homes with Pets

Pets, as much as we love them, contribute to our homes’ poor indoor air quality. When they come indoors after playing outdoors, they carry a lot of germs and dirt that are invisible. In addition, pet dander becomes an issue, as these pieces of skin shed are distributed throughout the house.

Features of the Aprilaire 2410 Media Air Cleaner

Equipped with state-of-the-art filter media, the Model 2410 whole-home air purifier delivers exceptionally clean air throughout your home at an affordable price. The Aprilaire Model 2410 Air Purifier is a whole-home air purifier that keeps every room in your home clean and comfortable. It is installed into your central heating and cooling system by your preferred HVAC professional.

  • Equipped with patented filtering media that can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home – at a very affordable price
  • Includes Clean Coil Guarantee: Aprilaire Air Purifiers are so effective at removing particles and contaminants that should your new indoor air conditioning coil require professional cleaning in the next 10 years, Aprilaire will pay $100 toward the cost of having the coil cleaned.
  • Designed to have low restriction to airflow and large surface area, which allows it to last for an entire year in most applications
  • Improves energy savings by keeping your HVAC equipment clean
  • Maximizes the life of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Removes 76% of virus size particles 0.3-1 microns, 90% of dust particles 1-3 microns and 90% of pollen and mold spores 3-10 micron
  • Traps 98% of visible airborne dust and other large particles
  • Permanently captures at least 97% of airborne pollen-sized particles
  • Provides more than 30 times the filtering media used in standard 1" furnace filters
  • Traps <75% of tobacco smoke and smog
  • Traps 96% of pet dander and respirable dust
  • The patented Self-Seal media provides a very tight seal to prevent unfiltered air from bypassing the filter
  • Produces no ozone because it has no moving parts
  • Requires no maintenance other than the infrequent replacement of filtering media every 1-2 years
  • Five-year limited warranty

Call the Indoor Air Quality Experts

To get the Aprilaire 2410 Media Air Cleaner, call Four Seasons Air Specialists. We are an authorized dealer and installer of Aprilaire products and assure proper installation of your brand-new media air cleaner. For over 40 years, we have been your leading White Bear heating and air conditioning company. We aim to provide you with the best air purification systems available.